Sussex Draft Review

Sussex Draft Review | Season Notes | General Grades

Round Pick Other Possibilities Draft Note Biggest Positive Biggest Negative Season Note ExPerf Grade
1 Hammond P* Giles OF, Hudson P was planning pitcher with pick, due to last year.  Wanted Halladay if Greg didn't take him. never really seriously considered Hudson altho he arguably had a better year than Halladay. highest graded reliever, H only 63 G, altho 114 IP, no Z ERA/HRs per quarter, 3.18/4, 1.76/2, 0.71/0, 1.57/2.  Dominating for games at a time including 14 appearance, 6 hit, shutout streak. A
2 Dotel P* Maddux, a few 13GZ starters, Gagne, Eischen wanted pitching, thought none of the hitters were worthy.  Dotel's G/IP good compliment to CH's.  Reminded me of FeRod from SL2002 - short of FeRod's G. 83 G, 146 available innings, Z no home run control grade 24 HRs was problematic and kept ERA over 3 all year until the very end.  Pitched a million innings at a very high level -- tied Pettitte for 7th in league in Ks. A-
3 Padilla P needed a starter Wanted my #1 starter to have both control grades.  Really hoped Odalis would get to me. Z no G, altho less HR/9 than Hudson in MLB … Led league in QS with 19 -- not sure if that was a consequence of usage or not.  33 hr/allowed tied with Halladay/Pedro for 7th.  Solid #2 starter in the #1 role. A-
4 Pettitte P wanted #2 starter; available guys were 14s with no control grades or bunch of 12Zs My best pick of the draft.  I was concerned it was a stretch and really struggled over it.  Both control grades was huge. H, Z Keith reminded me mid-draft of his 202 possible innings limitation -- thought he'd never reach that limitation as a J4. 2nd in league in ERA, QS.  Top 5 in hits/9, bb/9, hr/9, etc … T7th in Ks.  Excellent year, ran into the innings limitation in the 2nd half as the J4 never got hurt, causing him to be pulled in 6th or 7th inning of games; likely costing him league lead in QS. A
5 Green OF Williams CF, Beltran CF -- but liked Finley and thought he'd be available later Wanted leadoff man, but Abreu went earlier, so picked solid all-around offensive/defensive guy. 3-35, 40+ HR, 30+ 2Bs in MLB, 158 games … playing in SL.  Mr. GIDP -- 6 in the first 40 games. 2.7 rc/g, .255 OBP, 5 HRs in first 40 -- Scott Rolen-esqe numbers.  … then he hit about 13 homers in first 3 series for Ken ... Inc
6 Rhodes P* Gee -- lets see … Bernie is still there, Beltran is still there, 12Z starters are there (Moyer, Mulder, Ohka) Pick that established the direction of the team the most & hurt my offense the most, focusing the team on the pen instead of offense or starting pitching. G, Z, lefty WP3 (and that had an effect), pitching him versus lefties as they clobbered him. quite easy to say he was the 6th best reliever on the club.  Best outings were against non-slugging clubs.  ERAs by quarter: 4.32, 4.43, 3.41, 2.96. C-
7 Palmeiro 1B Ohka 12Z, decent CFs, 3B Happy to not have to have a 1B-3, and liked the idea of the SLG that Green/Rafe would supply. 40+ HR, 30+ 2Bs in MLB, 155 games, 1B-4 6 speed, SA-5 lefty He had a tremendous year, once he stopped getting hurt (missed 9 games early with 2 injuries) and once I stopped jumping on him for not walking more.  101 XBH (with a TRIPLE).  Hit .329/.402 with 39 XBH in the final quarter of the season to finish .249/.329/.575 and his ISO 30 points > MLB.  Team offensive MVP. -66 A
8 Rolen 3B CF, some of the leadoff men-types I was considering Wanted Edgardo, who I thought would last a couple of more rounds due to his very low games.  Then, due to my perceiving a shortage of 3B, jumped on Rolen over Chavez once Shungnak chose Alfonzo ahead of me.  Very high cost for a guy that finished the year as a pinch runner/defensive substitute. 3B-5, 17 speed, 155 games, 30+ HRs in MLB, highest ISO (238) & SECA (378) numbers of the regular thirdbasemen -- indicating a severe dearth of talent at the position. SA-2 righty. 6th in MLB in DP. 358 MLB OBP based off ok (60 some) walks and less than ok (.265) BA.  26 steal grade.  SL OBP by quarter -- .268, .270, .272, .277.  ISO number finished at 67% of MLB.  OPS -245. 2nd best on team in SB% at 80. Sheff finished with 6 less times on base in 200 less PA with team & Millar with 2 less XBH in half the games.  ISO at MLB level would've translated to 33/27 (reasonable doubles/homer numbers) instead of 22/18. -244 D
9 Gonzalez OF The best of the SS's all gone.  CFs that I was looking at -- all gone.  Still wanted a leadoff man. Picked him as an on base guy in 2 spot that I could lead off with if I didn't pick one of the leadoff guys in the middle rounds -- and who I figured I could DH due to his arm.  Too key to my offense??? MLB OBP 404.  31 steal grade with 17 SL attempts.  28 MLB HRs 28 arm. 148 games. SA-3 lefty. 19 2Bs in MLB His OBP by quarter 367, 371, 248, 372.  XBH by quarter 9,18,7,17.  Had a 30 game stretch with OBP of .453 -145 B+
10 Isringhausen P* Randy Winn could've fixed my CF problem.  Some 12 or 13 grade starters with a control grade. Too sold on the idea of having my best reliever from Flint being my 4th best on the Quarrymen, with similar but slightly better grades (G to H).  About the best combination of grade & across the board control grades. He wound up with mostly the same numbers as the Flint numbers, although without the phenomenal start. H, Z, zero HRs allowed in 66 MLB IP.  60 games. Mostly solid, excelled versus the non-slugging teams; higher walks than a Z should (and more HRs than a guy who gave up 0 in MLB should).  Not in as many pressure situations as I'd had him in constantly the year before due to my pen depth. ERA/HRs per quarter, 3.28/4, 1.86/1, 6.53/6, 2.40/1 C+
11 Wilkerson OF Posada/Lieberthal (offensive catchers), Wolf P who led league in HR/9 -- everyone was filling their bullpens and there were many options available. Grabbed as a part time CF starter once Winn/Kielty were gone.  Taking Bernie Williams in the 6th instead of Rhodes would've solved many problems -- especially with Witasick, Worrell, Donnelly, Quantrill, others available here. Wound up platooning, as a lefty SA-1, batting against all the lefties, plus a few additional CF starts/quarter. 81 MLB walks, decent SLG, 73 CF games 8 million MLB Ks, 73 CF games, 19 steal grade which translated into 6 of 16 stealing; all on missed hit and runs. Big Daddy was a decent utility OF-1B but worst mostly-regular defensive CF in the league (despite good range); half his 59 hits were XBH, and he walked an additional 57 times in his 110 games.  BBs/PA breakdowns by quarter 17%, 9%, 9%, 24%.  The final quarter got his OBP back to exactly 300. -217 C-
12 Floyd OF A right handed outfielder with an arm would've been nice.  A leadoff man with a .300 avg would've been perfect.  (too early for Stewart or Kearns????) took the final plunge into my unbalanced lineup -- deciding I could use another hitter.  That forced LuGo into LF and doomed my all-lefty, pre-trade club.  29 steal grade with 30 attempts.  533 SLG and ISO 244 with some walks & doubles.  lefty SA-5 who couldn't play the field.  Floyd actually hit ok for the 40 I had him --12 doubles, some walks, huge GW homer off the Unit, although I used up most of his steals batting him ahead of Mr. DP -- just needs a Colbrunn to platoon with at DH against the lefties. Inc
13 W.Miller P Lieberthal -- offensive catcher. B.Boone -- offensive 2B.  Didn't really have an defensive position left for the leadoff men left on my list - Durham, Stewart, Kearns. needed to eventually pick another starter.  Hoped to have more success with him than with Hudson (13) for Flint, who wound up with ERA over 6. 12 no control grades 5QS.  Pitched very well through the middle part of the season -- 2.75 ERA in 2nd Q, collapsed late. Memorable 91 game score matchup with Pedro. 137 innings. 4.8 ERA for season. C-
14 Vizquel SS the good SSs were long gone, but … good shortstops were all gone many rounds before.  Picked him for his D with decent O. I did have the satisfaction of Greg saying right after I picked him that is who he was going to choose. SS-9 with doubles power & 53 walks.  Hit & run 3. 25 steal grade. Played more like an SS-8 than one of the few 9s -- 23 errors most of the 9s.  Strong offensive 2nd half with 30 of his 50 XBH and .269 BA after the break.  Might've had most big hits on the team. -78 C+
15 D.Miller C at this point, need to fill out starting rotation, back end of bullpen, 2B spot, C, get a starting CF and utility IF all 3 catchers had MLB OBP around 340 and ISO numbers > 150, with rc/g over 5.1.  Initial plan was taking Schneider on the swing back in the next round; just couldn't pull the trigger on BS as the "1st" catcher with only 73 games, and, of course, he didn't make it back that far.  Began a catcher run. "+3" arm. 185 ISO better than any C not named Posada, Irod, Piazza.  Some walks. 101 games. SA-2 righty Caught versus all lefty pitchers, plus some righties through much of the year.  Became full time backup catcher in final quarter. OPS -180 to MLB and Kd almost 30% of time. -178 C-
16 Rivera P* Ortiz who could've been decent as a 4th starter. Durham as a part time DH/2B leadoff man type. nice numbers in medium-limited usage.  45 games wasn't as low as Flint was limited with Oswalt last year. G,Z limited games/innings led league in HR/9 for a reliever.  Held his usage down in the couple of series prior to the trade, while trying to talk Greg into the deal. Inc
17 McLemore YNIHPI still wanted a potential leadoff man; figured as utility player would help. picked him for his OBP.  None of the 2Bs thrilled me.  Thought he could back up Omar & Rolen and play 2B the rest of his games where his OBP would make up for being a 7. .383 OBP.  Games at 3B, SS, 2B, CF, although not good D anywhere. .387 SLG. 104 games. 26 steal grade. Very little help to the offense.  DPs plummeted when he was playing IF.  OBP/XBH hits by quarter: .333/3,.305/4,.231/4,.389/9. -114 C-
18 Myers C wanted a platoon catcher with Miller. good OBP and some power was attractive with the +4 arm.  He didn't throw THAT well, though. "+4" arm. High secondary ave with 26bb in 170 MLB pa. 65 games. SA-5, 255 SL Abs Caught versus selected righties on running teams only -- except for late oversight vs. VanWyck.  Big hits & lots of walks all season. -45 for OPS was the closest to MLB of Sussex's original picks. -45 B-
19 Schmidt P could've taken an equivalent player (Trachsel, Rogers, Leiter) later and taken Guardado here (instead of White later) hoping as 4th starter he'd be better than Milton 8LZ was for Flint (although Milton had 4 shutouts, which wouldn't happen) 11 no control grades had about 3 very strong starts, including 2 in a row with 1 shutout.  7 QS. Held him to under 130 innings. 4.45 ERA.  Trachsel was a much better pitcher for Oman. C-
20 G.White P* a bunch of bullpen lefties who performed; King, Stewart, Stanton, Marte -- plus righties Timlin & Smoltz. after the Charlton disaster with Flint, you think I'd stay away from a lefty 13Z. G,Z, lefty 13, 62 games but only 81 available innings mop-up guy after he burned me a couple of times early against lefty power hitters.  Struggled to find 46 innings for him.  Should've dropped him for a hitter at 40 games, and not traded Rivera. D-
21 W.Williams p-PR best of the 6th starters -- I thought -- with more than a couple of start possibilities worried about Pettitte being a J4, so took 6th starter early.  Pitched for Schmidt and Padilla, but not Pettitte. 14Z, many possible innings 3 starts, 27 IP, 2QS, 1 hr allowed.  2 wins vs VanWyck. 2.00 ERA. I kept hoping Lidle, Schmidt or Miller would get hurt… B+
22 Lofton CF needed a CF to platoon with Wilkerson.  This was actually a decision against Cameron and his Ks. MLB numbers almost exactly same as Vizquel's: 50XBH each with 12 less games for KL, K/BB ~ 1, OBP ~ 350. 73 BBs, OF-3 139 CF games, good all around game to be a 90 game CF starter SA-3 lefty, 28 steal grade disappointment from the get-go.  Should've perhaps played more to allow the chance to get near his MLB numbers as Omar did.  Lefty SA-3 may've been too prohibitive. -195 D+
23 Drew OF looked at Justice (lots of walks, no power), Nixon (more power, SA-5), SargeJr (low walks) looking for rounded player to play a little in the OF, pinch hit, pinch run.  The wrong idea for a bench player. ok all around game, some BBs, some power, 34 arm in OF, 31 steal, lefty SA-1 limited games, lots of Ks 2 of 3 XBH for season in opening series vs. Ken.  Pinch runner to come in for D from midseason on -- but limited even in that role to only 62 AB. -398 D
24 Walker 2B still needed a 2B beyond McLemore.  Only decent one left. he was hanging out there for round after round as the "best available" with Greg & I each needing a defensive 2B. 2B-8. Some doubles power SA-3 lefty Completely useless offensively versus lefties due to no power.  Ok against righties, D was fine.  Had a few big hits. -90 C
25 Lidle P second year in a row final scrub starter could've been a better scrub starter. Z 8 Held him to 121 innings.  He had consecutive wins in mid-season (one vs. VanWyck) and finished with 4 QS. D+
26 Bradford P* don't know if I could've picked a better player. third last reliever picked in the draft.  3rd best reliever on the team behind the 1st & 2nd pick. H, Z, 75 games 11 grade out of the pen -- aka scrub. great in "1st reliever" role or with men on base (3rd in league in IR%).  Had about 5 bad outings out of 71, finishing with 3.24 ERA.  11 HRs in 111 innings. B
27 Barrett C needed another C looked for a "backup catcher" to handle time beyond the 166 games available for Miller/Myers.  Decided there were a few distinct stealing teams and some distinct non-stealing teams, so a +0 arm wouldn't hurt that much. Good all around numbers. rounded skills for a C, 26 steal grade with 13 attempts, 2 hit&run, 33 MLB XBH, .267 BA +0 arm, 117 games, few walks as good a SBA% (69%) as the +3,+4 guys.  SLG >500 for much of the year with some big hits.  Power numbers faded with usage.  Nice to have the hit and run/steals ability as an option.  8 starts vs. Fallon & Houser to help team's end-of-season run. -90 C
Suzuki OF acquired from Fort Collins at 40 games with Sheffield for Green & Floyd. 3-38 in OF.  Hit & run 3.  .330 BA no power.  26 steal grade 2nd in league in OF assists, T1st in triples.  Very good #2 hitter, although OBP slid as season progressed.  Numbers slightly better for Ft.Collins than Sussex. -100 B+
Sheffield OF acquired from Fort Collins at 40 games with Suzuki for Green & Floyd. 19 games played for Ft.Collins when he was acquired at 40.  3 DL trips -- didn't believe that would continue … it did. .410 OBP  33 steal grade with 21 attempts no position.  OF-1.  J2 Played under 70% of time. 43 walks & .390 OBP in 84 games with team, but 6 trips to DL. -83 B
Millar IF-OF acquired from Honest at 90 games for Rivera. could've started at 3B for many teams.  Great late draft pick for Honest -- 23rd rounder. ISO & SLG same as Sheffield in MLB -- many doubles. no position. 3B-3, 1B-2, OF-1. kicked in some big hits immediately, even before he had a role.  Jump started the club the final 40 when he became the starter at 3B and was installed in the 3 spot.  OPS for season -43, but -33 in his 70 some games for Sussex with ISO +35 over MLB. -43 B+