Bob's review of SL Venues



The debate over venues also exists in SL.

The car parker office was a hole, but a lot of fun to be at. Terrible sight lines unless one was driving. The food was not so good, unless games were played during some sort of party. It did have the nicest bathrooms out of all the other SL sites. Beer availability was sometimes a problem. The parking lot was far away and sometimes inconvenient, unless you were lucky enough to get a spot on the hill or a ride in a golf cart.

The present-day bacherlor pad, with the recent addition of a second chair is a really nice place for games. Food is always good, especially when Dave is in town; plenty of wings and pizza are available for all. The multitude of baseballs, bats, and bobble heads are eye-catching crowd favorites. Beer is always a few steps away, but there is sometimes a waiting line at the men's room.

Keith's house offers a great play area for kids, as well as an intimate ground setting for baseball. The privacy favors swearers. Typical stadium food is hard to come by, but if you like healthy snacks such as carrots and celery sticks, you've come to the right place. Parking is very convenient.

My favorite venue of all time seems a distant memory. Who can forget the Ken-era bachelor pad? Playing games side by side, balancing the mouse on a hardcover book while trying not to sink too deep into the couch will always remain memorable. Specatators grabbed dining room chairs or the green collapseable chair, to sit directly behind the opponents, and practically leaned into the action. Additional food included Sun Chips, Pringles, Pop Tarts, and anything Swinea brought. Large selections of beer, including non-alcoholic brands were always available. Three televison monitors, andthe extra e-machine added to the ambiance.

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