No Need To Panic

40 games is 40 games

by Greg Nims
around 7/98

The publications had high hopes for the Grand Junction Skillet coming into the Summer League '98 season, which have been damaged by our 17-23 start. While struggling through what is definitely the worst record any incarnation of the franchise has had at this point of the year, Grand Junction management has yet to panic and looks forward to widespread success in the next 122 games. The Skillet appeared to be a well-balanced outfit that would flatten the competition. Sporting the league's deepest rotation and one of the better offenses (according to Bill Markov), Skillet fans were looking forward to a fine season. The rotation has not pitched as well as planned, and General Manager, Coach, Head Talent Evaluator and Vice President of Baseball Operations Greg Nims has been an admittedly slow hook in the early going.

"We had confidence in our staff, apparently too much. Don't get me wrong, the starters are great, just that I haven't taken full advantage of the bullpen." Despite carrying only four relievers, every Skillet reliever is well below his allowed appearances pace.

On the flip side, many position players are on pace to blow away their stolen base attempts allowed by the all-star break. "Its just another area I haven't run the team well in, and the boys haven't executed particularly well either," stated Nims. "Our offense hasn't been bad, just inconsistent. Generally my ballclubs' chemistry improves as the season progresses." Last year, Nims' Mountain View Masters were 22-18 after 40, not bad but not great. They finished out the season by winning their final 15 five-game series on their way to a 73-49 record after the quarter post. Can the Skillet heat up? The talent makes it possible.