The Monkey Business

by Chris Klein
around 7/98

Here we go once again into our 1998 Summer League. Lots of changes have been made, yet most things still remain the same. We have many returning owners, one of them off of a year hiatus, and we are welcoming a newcomer, who already has shown some mettle as both a general manager, and as a field manager, going 25-25 in his first 50 games. But we are once again showcasing the bitching, moaning, and complaining that has become perhaps the lone consistent event, other than the league itself. IT IS A GAME. PLAY IT AND ACCEPT THE RESULTS.

On the home front, it is once again an optimistic year for the Harrison franchise. It was a tough move from the luxury and weather of Florida, to the street tough neighborhood near the Bronx, but the Cheeky Monkeys seem to have adapted well, winning 22 of their first 35. "We had it a little to easy last year," said GM Chris Klein. "On our days off guys would be going to the beach, working on their tans and shit like that. This year our guys are too scared to leave their houses on their days off, so I try not to give them any."

This new work ethic seems to be paying off so far. Harrison has jumped out to any early lead, but one has to wonder if this no days off strategy is going to hurt them in the long run. On the other hand, they seem to be winning games with a war of attrition so far. While they are third in runs scored per game, they are leading in BA, SA, and OBA, and resulting in a lead in left on base per game. "We aren't stealing bases like we have in the past, but with the expansion, the pitching isn't as good, so we are hoping enough walks, and hits will produce enough runs."

GM Klein also has some strong feelings about this year's draft, and the draft in general. "While I think this is the best god damn team we've drafted since the ill fated 95-C team, I think there should be some changes in the draft process. We should cut it down to 2 or 3 big days, rather than this continuous two week process. There seemed to be a lot of unnecessary frustration due to the fact that somebody was not available at one point or another, and the whole league had to suffer because of it." While Klein doubts that anything will come of a change in the draft process, he says he will be pushing strongly for an unbiased, unaffiliated commissioner next year. "I think the time has come to bring our league to the next level. We need someone to take charge of the league, to sift through the many complaints and problems that we have in a typical 162 game schedule. Plus, imagine how many more problems will occur once we expand to 12 or 15 teams, and we're playing online." No names were brought up, but you can be assured that Mr. Klein will be on the search committee.

Regardless of what happens in the future, the future appears to be now for the Cheeky Monkeys.