My SLT2021 Thoughts:

6-team league.
60 game season - 12 games vs. each opponent. 
5-man rotations.  4-man in tourney.  Playoff rest day rules apply to tournament.  One day off after season and between longest series.
	Starters need 8 MLB GS to be draft-eligible (KHKim, Alcantara and Sixto are NOT eligible)  (21 GS * (60/162) = 7.77)
No injuries, no sixth starters.
Free agents: each team can make one FA move after 20 games played.  Not an FA draft, but one FA move per team.  First come, first served.  Play your games!
		(number of games negotiable.  number of moves negotiable.)
6-team Tournament rules:
	Tournament seeding:  Standings, head to head record, run diff, coin flip
	Top two seeds receive first round byes.  Top seed hosts lowest seed alive in semis.
	Tournament usage:  22% of mlb.  Instead of 8%, I used 162/60 * .08 and rounded up a tad.