Ken SL18 Preview

Here we are again –
I like this team. I don’t love it. Bridled enthusiasm

Not quite like Steve’s write up however…
I had targeted Altuve figuring Trout wouldn’t be available (if both of them were gone it would have been Votto. Otherwise, Judge). 2B was fairly weak – a few 7’s that can hit, a few 8’s that cant really hit or were really limited in SL functionality or Dozier and the righty SA3. Having a .300 SL hitter is rare (Pedroia 17 .308, Chris Johnson 14 .300, A Gonz 13 .309 – Hey, I had the last three!) – I figured this would add to his value since he was so much better than the remainder of his position. I have no doubt that he will perform, the question is how impactful he will be compared to the power hitters that were passed.
Not quite like Jim’s write up however…
I had targeted Kluber (if he was gone it would have been Pham or Harper) and then following up with Kershaw in the third if available. Apparently I wasn’t alone and Kershaw didn’t make it back to Jim. Selecting a SP in round two knocks me out of the playoffs.
Not quite like Keith’s write up however…
I had planned on Marwin Gonzalez in the third from the get go – punting the SS9 plan that I have gone with in recent years.

Offense: This should be within the top third in the league. Maybe I am kidding myself on that. I will hit far less homers than Matt and may only hit more than Keith. Altuve will have to be all I expect him to be and Austin Barnes will have to be on base at a high clip or else that 3B3 will not be worth it either. I have good power at SS for Marwin’s 134 games. 150 available steals at 32 rating or better. (Cain, Altuve, Semien, Difo, Posey, Hosmer)

Defense: It has potential. OF3 (34) across the board – of course, Conforto will get 109 starts at 2 (30). 3B is 5 or 3… SS is 8 or 9. Catcher is +2 or +4 throwing. Fairly weak in this league.

Pitching: a lot of Kluber, some Pomeranz and a boatload of highly unimposing middling relievers (15’s and 14’s) Madson is good.

Good picks:
Beltre in the 10th was pretty good. Maybe Rosario

Bad picks:
Nothing specific other than I didn’t really supplement Marwin Gonzalez well enough. Semien and Difo can steal – neither can hit. Conforto was picked to supplement CF and I had that taken care of by round 7 with the Lorenzo Cain selection.

For success: Austin Barnes will have to have a .340 on base pct in front of Altuve and Zimmerman otherwise the offense probably wont be going the way it should. Team stolen base percentage should be one of the better in the league with a fairly high volume. The 14’s and 15’s out of the pen will have to be good enough.