Danville Yellow Bluebirds Preview

No one on earth could have predicted 12 months ago that I would select Jean Segura in the first round of the 2017 draft. Yet, there he was and while analyzing the possible available players he was the guy I was hoping he would make it to the #7 spot. Not that he is anything super special he does provide SS9 defense with the 2B8 defense and has no reason to leave the field, he is fast with the 17 speed and will provide plenty of XBHs and sufficient with the steals at a 30 rating. Altuve has an extremely similar card and would have made an excellent alternative and I was hoping he would swing however I didnt think it was realistic.

For round two I had to go home and look at both Cabrera and Betts - as corner OF was slim and DH usually has depth. I went with Cabrera. I had him as the best remaining hitter by quite a bit. For round three and four I was hoping for Lucroy (8 +4 J1 catcher) and Pederson (3 32 130+ game CF with power and walks) for the C / CF swing and they fell into place. Granted, I thought there may be a CF run which didnt really happen. Then the pitching run included Melancon, Cueto, Lester and Happ. I felt really good about the starting staff as getting the 16 blanks in the 7th and 8th has plenty of value now they have to perform. The remainder of the draft included guys that were the fielders at their respective positions that could also hit some (CarGo, Rendon, Marte, CDavis and Pedroia) or fit into the piece of the puzzle (Stanton, Broxton and the bench guys of Correa, Perez, Maldonado and Reyes)

Offense: Pretty good. I believe it should be in the upper half with hitting and running near the top of the lineup and homers from the 4-7 guys. With Rendon and Marte filling out the bottom bridging back to the top. Probably shouldnt hit into too many DPs. I have plenty of steals from the bench (Perez, Broxton, Correa and Reyes) with only Marte and Segura in the regular lineup having plenty available and will get the periodic attempt from Lucroy and Pederson. Stanton will get plenty of starts adding another thumper in there.

Pitching: Starting pitching should be decent with 14ZG, 16, 16, 14G and Strasburg. Of 6 bullpen guys there are 3 Hs and 2 Gs. Melancon and Ziegler should do a lot of heavy lifting late in games. Hopefully this pays off I believe it should be good enough. Never any guarantees though.

Defense: Real good. Not mind blowing great or anything like that. No real weaknesses: 8 +4 catcher, 5985 left to right across the diamond and everyone can play almost daily with 333 in the OF. All starting pitchers are 2s. OF arms are 33 32 34. Stanton and Broxton are in the lineup vs lefties typically and Broxton has the 2 29 which might have me in a quandary on his playing time.

Good picks:
I liked Pedroia in the 18th. Stanton in the 17th.

Questionable picks:
I received a couple of emails after I picked Chris Davis in the 11th (such as; is he really SL playable?) ---- he was the guy I wanted however I might have been able to get him a few rounds later. I may have waited too long for the 2nd CFer although between Broxton and Marte they can cover the 30 games Pederson is unable to start. Montgomery is my only lefty yet he is a 48 game guy with a lot of innings so he is more of a 2 inning guy than a loogy.

All in all this looks to be fairly decent.

Good luck to all in 2017!