Voted on 1/2/2014

PDD:  Passes 9-0
PitcherMVP:  Passes 6-3


Post-Draft Draft

After the completion of the Summer League Draft, each team is allowed to drop one player to 
be replaced in a one round draft.  The draft is opt-in, so only those participating must 
respond.  The Sargent-at-Arms should announce his availability to administer the Post-Draft 
Draft near the end of the SL Draft.  If no SaA volunteers, it defaults to Graham.  After the 
draft finalizes with the last pick, a 48 hour clock starts as the deadline to submit a drop 
before the draft.  After 48 hours, Sargent-at-Arms announces any drops and sets the order.  
The order depends on where the dropped was drafted in SL Draft, the earlier the SL pick the 
earlier the pick in the PDD.  PDD picks may not be traded.

Those who are not participating in the draft do not need to respond, and may play SL games.


Make pitchers eligible for the MVP.



I would like to be able to drop someone after the draft is complete, but before play starts. 
Limited to one per team.  
Order of new selections would be based on where the person being dropped was drafted.

Pending suggestion of playoff game usage overhaul, away from J-rating and to a game ratio, similar to PA or IP.

position players can play in 4.321 percent of MLB games in a 7 game series.  
3.70% for 6
3.09% for 5
2.47% for 4

SL2013 example:

Votto played 111 * 0.0432 = 4.79 (round up to 5) available
Ortiz played 90 * 0.0432 = 3.888 (round up to 4) available

Actually, this don't work.  I'll think about it.  leaving here.