Let's See - Team Name: Four Winds comes from the Led Zeppelin song Kashmir

Oh, father of the four winds
Fill my sails, across the sea of years
With no provision but an open face
'Long the straits of fear

I can't say I know where Robert Plant was going with this (isn't Kashmir in the mountains?)- he loved JRR Tolkien and wrote about mythology, his dog Strider and California (as well as the occasional love song) and the song Kashmir fits within the mythology realm.

Offense: My favorite aspect - this is not quite the offense I have put together in previous seasons. However, due to the two Cabrera's a relatively high on base pct from Mauer and some decent support around them it should be middle of the pack at worst. I only estimate to have about 175 homers so that is a little light. I have a few base stealers within the starting lineup including Rollins and the outfielders and some off the bench such as Infante, Aybar and Hosmer. All my players can steal a few other than Pena. Team speed is relatively slow.

Pitching and Defense: Two of the three top starting pitchers on my board went to me so that is part that will have to pay off for victory. I did try to support the pitching with a top notch defense that was pretty much achieved other than my catcher(s). I also have the best OF arms that I can remember with Upton and Kemp 3-37 and Hunter 3-35 out there. The pen is thin in innings but should be fairly decent overall. Hopefully, I get tons of innings from Price and Weaver or I will be stuck getting crap innings from Diamond, Gallardo and Lynn.

Debatable on whether this team can win. Pitching doesn't seem to equate playoff success.

Good luck to all! Go SL!