2013 team name was an ode to my first round pick. I knew we had to be some kind of fish (trout), and to be from Jersey, his home state. Asbury Park just happens to be Bruce Springsteen's hometown, so it all came together. I was going to announce the name a couple weeks before the season to see if anyone would catch on, but it never really panned out. Twenty years, and finally my first time having first overall. Hope everyone was OK with me starting the draft a few days early...

My team seems to have a little bit of everything. I don't think we will have a real high batting average, but will get on base via the base on balls. And I should have enough power to hit 200 homers with a fair amount of doubles and triples to boot. I should be in the 150 stolen base range also, and with a decent percentage. My defense and bullpen are better than last year, which is important, because my starting staff isn't quite as strong overall. My whole staff should be good at preventing walks, but maybe at the price of the longball. So that is a plus offense with league average pitching and defense. Above average baserunning.

Best Pick: Cabrera will be the best hitter in the league. Trout will be the best player. Poll the league, and I bet at least 7 would have taken Trout there. Does obvious pick make it the best? Shrug. I also got some kudos for my picks of Wieters, Kimbrel, Willingham, Belt, Gordon, Casilla, and Reddick, so take your pick. Gordon may have been best "value" based on position.

Worst Pick: Overpaid for Reyes. I thought Cespedes was bad at the time, but then eight outfielders got picked before it swung back to me, so I felt much better about it. Davis was an overreaction to Konerko, while I could have waited till round 27 apparently and still have picked Garrett Jones, who is mostly similar. All my relievers (except Kimbrel) were iffy.

Prediction: Once I figure out how to use these guys, I think this is a playoff team. And I don't always say that