Tennessee Jeds Preview


The Draft: We had the #2 pick, and we were hoping for 3B/LF Jose Bautista. When he was taken #1, we knew L18GZ Clayton Kershaw was the "should be" #2 pick, but we didn't want to open with a pitcher. I traded down two slots with Keith and ended up taking Braun. I loved the 5 power numbers, the D32 with 59 SBA, plus the speed and other hitting attributes. Didn't exactly get a great player in the 2nd in Zobrist but he'll be good enough.

Offense: We drafted a lot of batting average and OBP, and not a lot of HR power. I think we have a very good chance to lead the league in average, and a decent chance to lead in OBP. Our speed is solid but not overly strong. Steals are also solid. If things break well, we will be above average in runs. We spent our first 7 picks on offense and drafted a lot of players I like in Ryan Braun, Ben Zobrist, Jose Reyes, Carlos Pena, Hunter Pence and Todd Helton. After waiting on 3B yet again, we have what we hope will be a productive platoon in 3B4 Chipper Jones and 3B3 Yonder Alonso.

We also stocked the bench with a bunch of nice hitting part time players in OF2.31 Alejandro De Aza (7.9 in 54 games), 1B3/OF1 Jesus Guzman (6.6 E31 in 76 games) and 3B3 Yonder Alonso (8.5 with 147 PA). The result is a short bench, with Guzman, 3B4/SS8/2B8 Maicer Izturis, C8+1 Jose Molina and SS9 Clint Barmes available for most games.

Pitching: After 7 position players, we took four starters in a row, followed by two relievers. Ended up with an acceptable rotation (14, 14, L11GZ, 9GZZ and 10GZ) and bullpen (22WH, 21G, L15HZ, 15GZ, 16G and 14G). No stars in the bunch, but hopefully a lot of contributers. If things go well, we'll be league average.

Defense: Early picks included LF2.31 Braun and SS8 Jose Reyes, so the defense won't be overly impressive. But we ended up with strong players in CF3.32 Chris Young, 1B5 Carlos Pena, C9+2 Yadier Molina and 2B8 Zobrist. RF2.35 Pence, 3B4 Chipper Jones and SS9 Clint Barmes are also contributers.

Overall: Not a great team, but hopefully a playoff contender. With relatively low HR power, we'll need to use our average and OBP to score often. I like the hitters on the bench, but it results in a short bench. Mr. Irrelevant CF Chris Young will start 140+ in CF.

We are in the same division as last year, facing off with Matt and Graham. Hopefully I'll get the rolls to win it again.