Wichita Jack Straw12/7/20119:33:49 PMWelcome to the SL2011 World Series
Wichita Jack Straw12/7/20119:34:04 PMA day that will live in infamy
Wichita Jack Straw12/7/20119:34:20 PMI can see beisbol
Wichita Jack Straw12/7/20119:34:25 PMheyward leadoff
Wichita Jack Straw12/7/20119:34:36 PMGood luck gentlemen
Wichita Jack Straw12/7/20119:36:42 PMhey Ken, can you see beisbol?
Ken Klein12/7/20119:36:56 PMcame up perfectly!
Wichita Jack Straw12/7/20119:37:00 PMnice
Wichita Jack Straw12/7/20119:40:23 PM6.1 out of halladay
Ken Klein12/7/20119:42:03 PMstepped away. back to see the injury
Wichita Jack Straw12/7/20119:42:15 PMwhat was it? gomez for 11?
Wichita Jack Straw12/7/20119:42:17 PMOUCH
Ken Klein12/7/20119:42:30 PMJ3
Wichita Jack Straw12/7/20119:44:27 PMgranderson OF2 this year
Ken Klein12/7/20119:44:37 PMsaw that
Ken Klein12/7/20119:45:42 PMsomeone join?
Wichita Jack Straw12/7/20119:45:46 PMsteve
Ken Klein12/7/20119:45:54 PMWelcome!
Wichita Jack Straw12/7/20119:45:56 PMhello steve
Wichita Jack Straw12/7/20119:46:08 PMstill in game one
Wichita Jack Straw12/7/20119:46:12 PMgomez hurt for 11 days
Ken Klein12/7/20119:46:26 PMEscobar just doubled after Gardner gunned down attempting to steal third
Ken Klein12/7/20119:46:40 PMLast inning
Steve Swinea12/7/20119:46:43 PMThanks for being so kind to the SL's very own Miss Summer League.
Steve Swinea12/7/20119:46:57 PMLooks like a great game 1.
Wichita Jack Straw12/7/20119:47:35 PMextra baseball
Steve Swinea12/7/20119:48:00 PMThis is Haitham GO CHRIS.
Wichita Jack Straw12/7/20119:48:52 PMHi Haitham!
Ken Klein12/7/20119:49:02 PMHey there big fella
Steve Swinea12/7/20119:49:12 PMHi GREG
Steve Swinea12/7/20119:49:24 PMHi KEN
Wichita Jack Straw12/7/20119:52:03 PMbottom 12
Ken Klein12/7/20119:52:20 PMRookie mistake
Wichita Jack Straw12/7/20119:52:35 PMwhen did chris invalidate?
Steve Swinea12/7/20119:52:49 PMKeith has played for the Spit Cup before.
Ken Klein12/7/20119:52:50 PMrecently.
Ken Klein12/7/20119:53:06 PMHeyward and the baserunning...
Steve Swinea12/7/20119:54:10 PMGood night haitham to Greg and Ken
Wichita Jack Straw12/7/20119:54:11 PMken, do you still have the Cup?
Wichita Jack Straw12/7/20119:54:18 PMgood night, Haitham!
Ken Klein12/7/20119:54:29 PMyes.
Ken Klein12/7/20119:54:34 PMgood night!
Steve Swinea12/7/20119:54:47 PMThanks, guys. we can type using bad words now.
Wichita Jack Straw12/7/20119:54:55 PMReims Bottom Ups
Ken Klein12/7/20119:54:57 PM!@#!%$#
Wichita Jack Straw12/7/20119:55:06 PMBottoms Up
Wichita Jack Straw12/7/20119:55:19 PMI also do that with Attorney Generals
Ken Klein12/7/20119:55:26 PMMissed it. Who hit it?
Steve Swinea12/7/20119:55:33 PMHaitham just asked why my team stinks but everyone elses is awesome.
Wichita Jack Straw12/7/20119:55:34 PMno idea
Wichita Jack Straw12/7/20119:55:48 PMjohnson
Wichita Jack Straw12/7/20119:55:51 PMortiz was leading off
Wichita Jack Straw12/7/20119:56:09 PMdefinitely johnson
Steve Swinea12/7/20119:57:18 PMThe great secondbasemen must have been the difference maker this year. greg with Cano, Johnson, Uggla and pedroia for half the season with Raburn?Roberts complementing.
Wichita Jack Straw12/7/20119:57:36 PMJohnson killed me when i played him
Steve Swinea12/7/20119:57:39 PMMeant a /. Not a ? after raburn.
Ken Klein12/7/20119:58:00 PMno offense taken.
Ken Klein12/7/20119:58:14 PMgood enough
Wichita Jack Straw12/7/20119:58:41 PMpedro 70 runs in 75 g
Wichita Jack Straw12/7/20119:58:42 PMnice
Ken Klein12/7/20119:59:01 PM28 starts for Raburn or something like that. Pedroia was great other than the playoffs
Wichita Jack Straw12/7/20119:59:01 PMi think upton got a hit in game one after going 0-fer semis
Wichita Jack Straw12/7/20119:59:38 PM000/038/000 in 25 PA
Ken Klein12/7/201110:00:24 PMBig error in game 5, It allowed the only run in that game
Ken Klein12/7/201110:00:48 PMThe error allowed the only run of the game
Wichita Jack Straw12/7/201110:06:01 PMfor the world series, i think i'll dig out my master boards
Ken Klein12/7/201110:06:24 PMMine are on a computer that is currently decommissioned
Steve Swinea12/7/201110:07:55 PMHoly Moly! Colvin.
Ken Klein12/7/201110:08:14 PMHe and ARod each hit three in the semis
Steve Swinea12/7/201110:10:15 PMDon't think he can bring Oennington down.
Wichita Jack Straw12/7/201110:10:24 PMfuck colvin
Ken Klein12/7/201110:10:47 PMRumor is that he will be traded for Ian Stewart
Wichita Jack Straw12/7/201110:10:58 PMthere is colvin again
Steve Swinea12/7/201110:11:00 PMI hope that is true
Wichita Jack Straw12/7/201110:11:04 PMian stewart, 27th round mvp
Wichita Jack Straw12/7/201110:11:19 PMBuerhle to the marlins, wtf
Steve Swinea12/7/201110:11:44 PMThey may get Wilson, too.
Ken Klein12/7/201110:11:55 PMI bet the Angels get Wilson
Steve Swinea12/7/201110:12:33 PMBarton H&R
Ken Klein12/7/201110:12:48 PM!
Wichita Jack Straw12/7/201110:13:09 PMWillie?
Steve Swinea12/7/201110:13:11 PMSUZUKI! What a first 2 games.
Wichita Jack Straw12/7/201110:13:12 PMMookie?
Wichita Jack Straw12/7/201110:13:20 PMPreston?
Ken Klein12/7/201110:14:51 PMThey may burn out the pens!
Wichita Jack Straw12/7/201110:15:08 PM13z coming in to a key situation
Steve Swinea12/7/201110:15:27 PMAt least he came in as a 15
Wichita Jack Straw12/7/201110:15:37 PM20?
Steve Swinea12/7/201110:16:06 PMI think in the middle of an inning they get bumped up to the next grade. So is a 13 a 20?
Steve Swinea12/7/201110:16:14 PMOr 15? I meant.
Ken Klein12/7/201110:16:28 PMthat is my understanding
Steve Swinea12/7/201110:16:46 PMI think you stretch pitch here
Wichita Jack Straw12/7/201110:16:52 PMcan gardner go?
Wichita Jack Straw12/7/201110:16:57 PMif he can, you stretch
Ken Klein12/7/201110:16:58 PMI dont think Gardner can go
Steve Swinea12/7/201110:17:04 PMMy bad then
Wichita Jack Straw12/7/201110:17:10 PMi don't think he can
Steve Swinea12/7/201110:17:11 PMBut i think you pitch
Ken Klein12/7/201110:17:13 PMI would double check
Wichita Jack Straw12/7/201110:17:20 PMc32?
Wichita Jack Straw12/7/201110:17:33 PM2 attempt per game
Ken Klein12/7/201110:17:37 PMhe is c32, correct
Steve Swinea12/7/201110:17:37 PMI believe C32 is correct.
Wichita Jack Straw12/7/201110:17:44 PMhe can prob go
Wichita Jack Straw12/7/201110:17:56 PMassuming that was his first attempt this game
Ken Klein12/7/201110:17:59 PMwas thrown out attempting for third in the first
Wichita Jack Straw12/7/201110:18:01 PMah, ok
Wichita Jack Straw12/7/201110:18:03 PMcan't go
Wichita Jack Straw12/7/201110:18:06 PMdoh!
Wichita Jack Straw12/7/201110:18:11 PMkonerko blooper
Steve Swinea12/7/201110:18:15 PMAnother 5-4.
Wichita Jack Straw12/7/201110:18:16 PMtwo walkoff
Wichita Jack Straw12/7/201110:18:47 PMAverage Joe's don't need an airplane to fly to Aiken, they are on cloud nine
Steve Swinea12/7/201110:19:36 PMAiken is hurtin. But it ain't over for Aiken.
Wichita Jack Straw12/7/201110:19:45 PMone game at a time
Wichita Jack Straw12/7/201110:22:43 PMubaldo going
Ken Klein12/7/201110:22:55 PMHe has a ring
Steve Swinea12/7/201110:23:10 PMAnd he'll go close to 9
Ken Klein12/7/201110:23:28 PMOf course, his loss in game four of last years WS was the only game I lost...
Wichita Jack Straw12/7/201110:23:29 PMprobably
Wichita Jack Straw12/7/201110:25:40 PMoh, send him....
Steve Swinea12/7/201110:25:45 PMPraying for a walk
Steve Swinea12/7/201110:26:39 PMI think Keith bunts here.
Steve Swinea12/7/201110:27:29 PMSwings now
Steve Swinea12/7/201110:31:01 PMJust was going to type Uggla due.
Ken Klein12/7/201110:32:55 PMSteve, did you see that Sandoval is a 5?
Ken Klein12/7/201110:33:13 PM(the catchers error triggered my memory)
Steve Swinea12/7/201110:34:30 PMNo I did not. Didn't realize he had caught . Wait, you mean a 5 at thrid? yes, i did see that.. There was an article i read that focused on his defense at third and how good it was a couple of days ago.
Steve Swinea12/7/201110:35:07 PMChirs needs to win this game.
Wichita Jack Straw12/7/201110:35:14 PMyes
Wichita Jack Straw12/7/201110:35:20 PMbrilliant insight
Wichita Jack Straw12/7/201110:35:32 PMbard for 3
Ken Klein12/7/201110:36:10 PMVargas out this series too?
Wichita Jack Straw12/7/201110:36:29 PMi think vargas is back
Ken Klein12/7/201110:36:40 PMHe is currently BENCHED
Wichita Jack Straw12/7/201110:36:44 PMwhat is going on right now?
This Old Cub12/7/201110:36:45 PMmartin is a good hitter, right steve?
Wichita Jack Straw12/7/201110:36:52 PMgonna PH for martin?
Ken Klein12/7/201110:36:53 PMHi Keith!
Ken Klein12/7/201110:37:07 PMSteal first!
Wichita Jack Straw12/7/201110:37:07 PMinvalidate
Steve Swinea12/7/201110:37:12 PMNice in game chat with the manager.
Ken Klein12/7/201110:37:29 PMMust be Fox
Wichita Jack Straw12/7/201110:37:37 PMthats like when they have larussa wearing the headset in the 4th inning
Steve Swinea12/7/201110:38:31 PMI like how they show him standing there and then his positive or negative reaction to a play.
Ken Klein12/7/201110:38:42 PMgoing to have to stretch out GIO too...
Steve Swinea12/7/201110:39:04 PMMore insight. Pretty much another must win for Chris.
Ken Klein12/7/201110:39:24 PMhow about a close game this time
Steve Swinea12/7/201110:39:45 PMWOW! This is going to be tough for Keith. Maybe the first blowout of the series.
Ken Klein12/7/201110:40:01 PMBlowout. Like 4 - 2
Wichita Jack Straw12/7/201110:40:02 PMtight game coming
Wichita Jack Straw12/7/201110:40:05 PMlaf
Wichita Jack Straw12/7/201110:40:12 PMno walkoff that time
Wichita Jack Straw12/7/201110:40:37 PMif i had received the disk today, this would be perfect
Ken Klein12/7/201110:40:47 PMtomorrow
Wichita Jack Straw12/7/201110:40:52 PMhopefully
Steve Swinea12/7/201110:40:58 PMBunch of ratings and numbers was great!
Wichita Jack Straw12/7/201110:41:04 PMi should have gone out with tuesday shipping, supposedly
Steve Swinea12/7/201110:41:09 PMthanks for doing that, Ken.
Wichita Jack Straw12/7/201110:41:22 PMchat room stuff is always a fun peek
Wichita Jack Straw12/7/201110:41:28 PMthome 3b2, awesome
Wichita Jack Straw12/7/201110:41:29 PMpujols 3b3
Steve Swinea12/7/201110:41:34 PMYou're one of my two favorite Commisioners.
Ken Klein12/7/201110:41:38 PMFun seeing the chat on the message boards. I would have hated to be the guys providing
Wichita Jack Straw12/7/201110:41:49 PMeveryone asking for their guys
Ken Klein12/7/201110:42:30 PMthanks Steve. Your one of my favorite non Klein SLers
Steve Swinea12/7/201110:43:14 PMUnlike laurie who is one of your favorite Klein nonSLers. or not.
Ken Klein12/7/201110:43:28 PMFavorite sister!
Ken Klein12/7/201110:43:54 PMGIO
Steve Swinea12/7/201110:43:57 PMAmazing Gio.
Wichita Jack Straw12/7/201110:44:13 PMGEO
Wichita Jack Straw12/7/201110:44:29 PMlike Attorneys General
Wichita Jack Straw12/7/201110:44:58 PMwalks and whiffs for gio
Ken Klein12/7/201110:45:14 PMboth guys
Wichita Jack Straw12/7/201110:45:30 PM5 walk 8 k for lewis
Ken Klein12/7/201110:46:27 PMBlowout?
Steve Swinea12/7/201110:47:01 PMHoly Moly.
Wichita Jack Straw12/7/201110:47:12 PMlooking that way
Wichita Jack Straw12/7/201110:47:16 PM3-1 lead?
Steve Swinea12/7/201110:47:24 PMThe first was big for Keith and Gio.
Wichita Jack Straw12/7/201110:48:27 PMone thing i've learned in getting your arse kicked 4-1 is you can use your guys more since it ain't going 7 games
Steve Swinea12/7/201110:49:31 PMTrue.
Ken Klein12/7/201110:52:02 PMDouble digit walks for Keith this game?
Wichita Jack Straw12/7/201110:52:13 PMif not, he is close
Steve Swinea12/7/201110:52:32 PMDouble digit runs.
Wichita Jack Straw12/7/201110:52:43 PM3-1
Wichita Jack Straw12/7/201110:52:46 PMhalladay on the hill
Ken Klein12/7/201110:52:53 PMKeith one away from his first
Steve Swinea12/7/201110:53:15 PMLong suffering Keith Klein franchise fans holding their breath.
Ken Klein12/7/201110:54:28 PMLowrie
Wichita Jack Straw12/7/201110:54:36 PMlowrie? bench?
Ken Klein12/7/201110:54:45 PMDrew
Steve Swinea12/7/201110:56:44 PMDon't think Suzicki is utilized well here in the line up.
This Old Cub12/7/201110:57:44 PMgo fuck yourself swinea
Ken Klein12/7/201110:57:45 PMI was expecting a Keith chat
This Old Cub12/7/201110:58:01 PMjust kidding buddy
Ken Klein12/7/201110:58:05 PMsay what?
Steve Swinea12/7/201110:58:08 PMNot sure that was Keith
Ken Klein12/7/201110:58:18 PMProbably Justin or Sebatian
Steve Swinea12/7/201111:01:26 PMPaulie. All season.
Ken Klein12/7/201111:02:30 PMLook out here
Steve Swinea12/7/201111:02:45 PMAunt ?Minnie!
Ken Klein12/7/201111:02:57 PMah. just a single
Steve Swinea12/7/201111:02:59 PMGood call, Ken.
Ken Klein12/7/201111:03:06 PMway overdue
Steve Swinea12/7/201111:03:36 PMSo far the game flow for Chri's team has had Ichiro batting with the bases empty.
Steve Swinea12/7/201111:04:05 PMBig hit here got Cabrera.
Wichita Jack Straw12/7/201111:05:17 PMi'm back
Ken Klein12/7/201111:05:30 PMA close one
Steve Swinea12/7/201111:05:33 PMGame 8
Wichita Jack Straw12/7/201111:05:42 PMsurprisingly close
Wichita Jack Straw12/7/201111:05:53 PMsean rodriguez?
Wichita Jack Straw12/7/201111:05:58 PMthat guy stinks
Steve Swinea12/7/201111:06:19 PMI have big utilty hopes for him.
Wichita Jack Straw12/7/201111:06:44 PMarod huge
Steve Swinea12/7/201111:07:14 PMThat's what she said.
Steve Swinea12/7/201111:08:53 PMOh boy.
Steve Swinea12/7/201111:09:02 PMGood call.
Wichita Jack Straw12/7/201111:09:56 PM3-2
Ken Klein12/7/201111:10:17 PMstretched out the starters a little too
Steve Swinea12/7/201111:15:53 PMI'll say we go to 7.
Ken Klein12/7/201111:16:14 PMKeith, any comments/
Steve Swinea12/7/201111:16:48 PMThat's Greg secret spreadsheet.
Ken Klein12/7/201111:19:52 PMUPTON!
Ken Klein12/7/201111:20:00 PMActually on base
Wichita Jack Straw12/7/201111:23:50 PMi'm passing out here
Steve Swinea12/7/201111:24:27 PMGotta stay up for Keith.
Steve Swinea12/7/201111:24:46 PMCould be his first Spit Cup!
Wichita Jack Straw12/7/201111:25:45 PMgraham just joined
Ken Klein12/7/201111:26:01 PMhey papa
Wooly Bayou Mammoths12/7/201111:26:25 PMhello everyone
Steve Swinea12/7/201111:26:37 PMJust in time for SL history, Graham.
Wichita Jack Straw12/7/201111:37:05 PMwe have a game 7
Wichita Jack Straw12/7/201111:37:08 PMi just spoke to keith
Steve Swinea12/7/201111:37:09 PMI would have let him.
This Old Cub12/7/201111:37:14 PMgameb 7
Steve Swinea12/7/201111:37:16 PMA GAME 7!
Ken Klein12/7/201111:37:18 PMWOW
Steve Swinea12/7/201111:37:23 PMWOW! WOW! WOW!
Wichita Jack Straw12/7/201111:37:33 PMi don't know what happened
Wichita Jack Straw12/7/201111:37:37 PMjust that we're going to game 7!
Ken Klein12/7/201111:37:44 PMScripts!
Ken Klein12/7/201111:38:04 PMGoing to share the screen Keith?
Wichita Jack Straw12/7/201111:38:28 PMshare?
Steve Swinea12/7/201111:39:14 PMI say these two play mano mano and we'll see the email. of course I'm not going to hang up if they are going to share the screen.
Wichita Jack Straw12/7/201111:40:05 PMi have video
Ken Klein12/7/201111:40:13 PMit is on!
Wichita Jack Straw12/7/201111:40:21 PMubaldo
Wichita Jack Straw12/7/201111:41:19 PM4-run 8th for chris to win 5-4
Steve Swinea12/7/201111:41:40 PMLooked like Hart hit a big homerun.
Ken Klein12/7/201111:42:32 PMChris said Hart three run jack
Steve Swinea12/7/201111:43:41 PMEveryone settled in?
Ken Klein12/7/201111:44:07 PMHow about a one run game!
Wichita Jack Straw12/7/201111:46:23 PMi'm barely awake
Steve Swinea12/7/201111:46:49 PMC'mon Connie Mack circa 1950!
Ken Klein12/7/201111:47:24 PMBased on the movie weekend at Connie's
Wichita Jack Straw12/7/201111:47:34 PM87 years old
Steve Swinea12/7/201111:49:47 PMGO! GO! GO!
Wichita Jack Straw12/7/201111:50:32 PMjansen pumped
Wichita Jack Straw12/7/201111:50:55 PMupton 1-21?
Steve Swinea12/7/201111:51:10 PMI thought he was going to come through.
Ken Klein12/7/201111:51:17 PM27W. Just like Robertson.
Ken Klein12/7/201111:53:15 PMGuthrie!
Wichita Jack Straw12/7/201111:54:04 PMhoping for one out?
Steve Swinea12/7/201111:54:14 PMBefore a run scores.
Ken Klein12/7/201111:56:24 PMTyler is set up for the big fly!
Ken Klein12/7/201111:56:46 PMfly out
Steve Swinea12/7/201111:56:48 PMHe sure tried.
Steve Swinea12/7/201111:57:24 PM.520 OB% for drew before that AB.
Steve Swinea12/7/201111:58:03 PM.515 for Heyward.
Steve Swinea12/7/201111:59:11 PMHave to H&R
Wichita Jack Straw12/8/201112:01:19 AMuggla
Steve Swinea12/8/201112:01:25 AMSomething positive for Uggla.
Wichita Jack Straw12/8/201112:01:46 AM13
Steve Swinea12/8/201112:02:10 AMThought he was due to come through.
Wichita Jack Straw12/8/201112:02:57 AMtalk about due
Ken Klein12/8/201112:03:00 AMuggla singled in a run against jansen
Wichita Jack Straw12/8/201112:03:08 AMupton can't do it
Wichita Jack Straw12/8/201112:03:14 AMcolvin walkoff
Steve Swinea12/8/201112:03:25 AMHere we go!
Steve Swinea12/8/201112:05:02 AMIs webb it for Keith?
Wichita Jack Straw12/8/201112:05:09 AMi couldn't tell
Steve Swinea12/8/201112:05:19 AMGot to PR for Thole.
Wichita Jack Straw12/8/201112:06:00 AMwow
Steve Swinea12/8/201112:06:01 AMBunt
Wichita Jack Straw12/8/201112:06:05 AMswing
Wichita Jack Straw12/8/201112:07:16 AMsend everyone
Wichita Jack Straw12/8/201112:08:43 AMsend everyone
Steve Swinea12/8/201112:08:59 AMCan Broadway do it?
Wichita Jack Straw12/8/201112:09:11 AMbottom of the order?
Steve Swinea12/8/201112:11:34 AMObviously big to get thta first out.
Wichita Jack Straw12/8/201112:12:02 AMwow
Wichita Jack Straw12/8/201112:12:03 AMgame over
Ken Klein12/8/201112:12:08 AMCongrats to Chris. Condolenses to Keith
Steve Swinea12/8/201112:12:09 AMWOW! Indeed.
Wichita Jack Straw12/8/201112:12:16 AMCongrats to Chris!
Steve Swinea12/8/201112:12:23 AMDefinetly.
Wichita Jack Straw12/8/201112:12:30 AMyes, condolences to Keith
This Old Cub12/8/201112:12:56 AMthanks for staying up late w/ us
Steve Swinea12/8/201112:13:09 AMI would think Chris is even somewhat torn from this series.
Ken Klein12/8/201112:13:34 AMChris had 14 playoff games and 13 were close ones
Steve Swinea12/8/201112:13:40 AMSorry, Keith. A great series.
This Old Cub12/8/201112:13:57 AMi need a better team, so swinea can bet on me for once
Steve Swinea12/8/201112:14:28 AMYou just need to face me for the Spit Cup.
Steve Swinea12/8/201112:15:26 AMWhat a strange journey for Chris.
Wichita Jack Straw12/8/201112:15:48 AMCongrats to Chris. 2 months ago you were scuffling
Wichita Jack Straw12/8/201112:15:52 AMnow on top
Ken Klein12/8/201112:16:13 AMOswalt should have played the OF
Steve Swinea12/8/201112:16:21 AMheadline in Aiken : ACHE NO MORE!
Wichita Jack Straw12/8/201112:16:30 AMi gotta go pass out, i'll leave NM open and close in morn
Wichita Jack Straw12/8/201112:16:34 AMheh, nice headline steve
Wichita Jack Straw12/8/201112:16:38 AMcongrats to chris
Wichita Jack Straw12/8/201112:16:42 AMcongrats to keith on making it
Wichita Jack Straw12/8/201112:16:46 AMnight all
Steve Swinea12/8/201112:16:50 AMNight Greg
Ken Klein12/8/201112:17:14 AMUpton = Mr October
Steve Swinea12/8/201112:17:22 AMDid Chris draw the Ace for Matt yet?
Steve Swinea12/8/201112:17:33 AMYea. 10-2007.
This Old Cub12/8/201112:20:08 AMtell upton it's december
Ken Klein12/8/201112:20:48 AMadios.
Steve Swinea12/8/201112:21:17 AMYou both did a great job managing this grueling series.