Vail Valkyries franchise announcement

AP - Vail, CO - GM Haas has moved his SL 2006 franchise to the mountains.

"The Vail Valkyries will be looking to provide some summertime entertainment in what is already a winter wonderland," said Haas at the franchise announcement ceremony.

In answering questions about the teams name Haas said, "The Valkyrie transports the souls of the departed wariors on their trip to Valhalla, so if we don't win the Spit Cup this year at least our players souls will be taken care of."

Haas also mentioned that his favorite frolf disc was the Valkyrie made by Innova. As to why Vail was chosen as the host city for his 2006 franchise Haas chimed, "Listen, Vail has the sickest bowls and cliff drops in the state and with the early season snow it will be steep and deep until at least mid April. Where else would you want to be on a snowy day in January?" When it was mentioned that it may be difficult to host games at Vail until late May or early June Haas said, "I hope those Beeyatches are able to ski!!!"

With the 7th selection in the SL 2006 draft Vail selects Mariano Rivera p*