WM 2003 Topics

Our decisions in bold ...

(Additional agreed upon items)

3 weeks after Greg sends out disk, we'll start the 2003 draft

draw for draft order to be by inverse order of draft

The President's Cup given to multiple owners if there is a tie for most wins ... voted upon and passed

Disband the watchdog ... voted upon and passed

    #19 passed
  1. Change Playoff CF Usage Chart to:
    0-10      0
    10-18     1
    20-39     2
    40-59     3
    60-79     4
    80-99     5
    100-125   6
    125-162   7
    #18 passed
  1. Determine the exact number of innings a pitcher has in a SL season.
    #17 did not pass
  1. add two extra, identical players to everyone's roster. or maybe just one guy who is a pitcher and a position player.

    one is a position player than hits like crap and fields like crap at every position. the other is a pitcher who pitches like crap and fields like crap. they would both be j-0s.

    #16 passed
  1. MVP, Cy, and MOY awards balloting should be based on regular season performance
    #15 passed
  1. one game playoff host should be determined like the tie breaks list:

    head to head
    run differential
    coin flip

    #14 passed, with the rider "you can Hit and Run with anyone with 2 outs and a 3-2 count (because its not a SB attempt)"
  1. Remove the "Go ahead and try from the N basestealers"
    #13 not voted upon
  1. Create a 4 man minor league team that includes 2 starting pitchers and 2 position players. The sole intention for the position players is to plug potential injury gaps. Most likely situation would be a postion on the roster that has 2 players only and neither player is J0 or J1.

    The starters can be selected during the draft. The position players are selected 1 week after the draft.

    All position players in the minors would be available during the free agent draft.

    #12 passed
  1. if a reliever exceeds 2 IP in the first 9 innings of a game, and he is the pitcher on the hill entering extra frames, he must be removed. for example, if a reliever enters the game with 2 outs in the 7th, and is still pitching with 1 out in the 9th (having pitched 1.2 to this point) when a double play ends the inning, then he cannot pitch in the 10th. in this example, the reliever has thrown the potato 2.1 innings, and should it go to extra innings where our rules say relievers can pitch 3 innings, this reliever would have to be removed because he exceeded (albeit via a non rule break) 2 innings pitched in the first 9 innings.
    #11 passed
  1. free agent pickups who were previously on an SL team before the Drop-And-Add free agent process began retain the usage rules from the beginning of the season -- they retain 150% of MLB plate appearances, stolen base attempts, innings; 100% of games and CF games.
    #10 passed
  1. free agent ballplayers can be selected in the free agent draft by the ballclub that released them.
    #9 did not pass
  1. not allow a starting pitcher to be removed until that ballplayer has faced a minimum of 9 batters, unless an injury occurs that specifies the hurler be removed from the pitcher's mound, or if said starting pitcher has allowed at minimum 2 runs to score.
    #8 passed, with the amended phrasing "starting pitcher leaves due to injury or ejection in innings #1 or #2"
  1. a reliever as a "long man" ... i would suggest we add a rule that says if a starting pitcher leaves a game before 2 full innings due to injury, the reliever that replaces the injured starter may, at the manager's discretion, be used up to 3 innings in relief.
    #7 did not pass
  1. amend the minimum number of relievers on a team from 4 to 5.
    #6 not voted upon
  1. add a 28th player to the roster, to be used only as an emergency sub.
    I think #5 did not pass, but cannot find evidence
  1. ignore injuries, except in the game where they actually occur.
    No evidence of a final vote ... Greg thinks, "#4 was rolled into #3" (the chat text on the subject is at http://www.geocities.com/k_h_klein/WM2002-1.txt)
  1. injuries are to be based on games, not days. that is to say, when the script says player x is injured for 3 days, in the SL, that person shall miss his ballclub's next 3 official games.
    #3 passed
  1. treat rainouts that are not official games as if they did not happen, with the same pitchers that started the rainout starting the following game and where injuries are the same as they were before the rained out game began.
    vote tabled on #2, now assumed by all
  1. due to negative consequences regarding playability, play all pre-play type seasons with a different title than Summer League. that is to say, if you receive a preseason ORG, you can restore that file, but before play, go into Advanced Draft and copy the organization, using the copied organization as the one used in the pre-play.
    #1 passed
  1. GMs must draft players with at least enough games to cover 162 games at all positions and DH. during the season a GM cannot trade players if it prevents all positions and DH from being covered in terms of games remaining by that position for the remainder of the season. following the fa draft, all positions and DH must be covered for the remainder of the season as well.