Zion Nuclear Gnatts Press Conference

Vernon Hills IL - SL Owner/GM/Manager Ken Klein today announced the location and name of his new Summer League team. At the podium in high anticipation the current Series winner proclaimed the name to be the 'Zion Nuclear Gnatts'.

Klein stated "Since we are a current winner of a major sports league we figure the Zion community will look the other way when we reactivate the nuclear power plant and destroy many natural wetlands to build the Nuclear Gnatt's complex."

When asked where he came up with the location Klein stated "We were returning to our palacial APBA central from the gracious community in Black Falls, WI and stopped in Zion and felt we could exploit such a community."

Also asked was if Klein realized that his team played in Black River Falls WI not Black Falls as he said. He responded with "Black Water Falls - that's what I said."

Finally, the question was posed to Klein as to where he came up with the name. He stated "On our visit we came across gnats about 5'4" with D cups! I figured the name deserved an extra T."

Some people are questioning Klein's notorious ODouls drinking.