Savoy 40 Game Report

Chris 4.26.2002

I really have a lot to say about my team's performance thus far, but most of it is too profane to print here, so I will try and keep it toned down. Luckily for me, I have the benefit of Keith's reprt to work off, and unluckily for him, I have his team to compare to (as we are the only ones at 40 games right now). Now the hard part is making more Beatle references than he made flying references in his report.

I am currently at a loss to explain my record. I have gone the opposite way of Keith. I started strong, going 9-6, then struggled with 8-17 in my last 25, to put me at 17-23. The positive thing is that many signs seem to be pointing at the fact that I should have a much better record then I actually do. I don't have Keith's adjusted stats off-hand, but my team is in the top 3 in runs scored and in ERA. That alone should suggest that I would be one of the top 3 teams in the league, top 5 at worst. I have also outscored my opponents by 20, so the Pythagorean runs formula is also on my side.

So what is the problem? First my fielding has been atrocious. Keith and I sport pretty much identical team defenses (usually 40 plus pitcher). Somehow he has 18 errors, I have 35, leading to 26 unearned runs. So I have fielded poorly and ine fficiently. We also sport pretty similar throwing catchers, yet I have given up 37 steals to his 21. He has also given up less walks than me. How can this be? I have all Z pitchers, while he features several non-Z, and a W. (and don't throw the old "w ell he doesn't have to face himself" at me, because I also have more walks offensively).

Well, my bullpen needs a little restructuring. Perhaps I am using them wrong, but I am unhappy with their performance up to this point. They have given up 5.3 runs/9, and that is unacceptable. I have some ideas, but will try and keep that close to the vest for now. I am also having trouble deciding on what batting orders to use (Keith I am sure, can empathize with me there). I have what I think are a bunch of guys that may be good in different spots in the batting order, and can't decide what woul d work best. Also, this may or may not be bullpen related, but I am 2-8 in 1-run games, and 1-4 in 2-run games. Scoring 5 runs for me may also be a key (although it probably is be true for everyone). I am 2-16 when I don't score 5 runs. Anyways , most of these problems sound like managerial problems which can be corrected, and other things that will even themselves out over time, so I am not overly worried, but I still think I should have done better so far.

Using Keith's formula for expected production of -100 to -115 to be expected, I have produced some interesting results so far. The top four hitters in my lineup (Rolen, Burks, Helton and Edgar) are all "above" expectation, but barely, as all fall with in a -40 to -75 range. Nobody is above their actual total. The next five hitters all fall in the "below" category, topped out by Cameron, who is around -270. But this is a hard thing to judge. Just because they should be expected to produce an average of -100 to -115 below their actual MLB total, doen't mean they will. Brian Giles consistently produces -200 numbers or more. Frank Thomas used to always do this too. I think Piazza also has done this recently. So the possibility exists that I drafted a bunch of these guys. But conversely, you could probably check those guys' teams, and find players who exceeded their total. The latter is more what I am hoping for. If perhaps the dice rolls have not been going my way thus far, then they hopefully will even out in the long run.

Here we go.....

One person that I can't complain about has been Todd Helton. I Want To Tell You that he has been Here There and Everywhere so far. He has been a one man wrecking crew at times. A virtual Sgt. Pepper. Hopefully he can Carry T hat Weight the rest of the way. If I Needed Someone to bat in a close game, he would get the call. When Todd was asked if the team could make the playoffs, he replied, "Sure, With a Little Help From My Friends." He has already hit 18 homers, and some of them have been Long, Long, Long.

I Should Have Known Better than to draft Mike Cameron. So far he has been a Nowhere Man. But I've Got a Feeling that he has Something that will make him better the rest of the way. He seems to be Getting Better all the time. I wish someone could Tell Me Why he has sucked so far. Or maybe I should just Let It Be. But who knows What Goes On in this game.

If you Think For Yourself that You Won't See Me in the playoff picture, you are wrong. I am going to give you guys a Run For Your Life, Because, my team will Come Together, and at The End of the Long and Winding Road, I'll Be Back in the hunt, even If I Fell recently. We will Get Back in it in Any Time at All. When I'm Sixty-four and Sixty-four, Matt, Don't Pass Me By, or I Will Cry Baby Cry, and You Can't Do That. Not in baseball anyways.

Yesterday my team sucked, but Tomorrow Never Knows. The Helter-Skelter part of the season is coming up, and I can't Wait. I'm So Tired right now, but In My Life, the Summer League is (Sun)King.