Klein Camp Cites Voting Irregularities, Heads to Court

USA TODAY-Long Grove, IL. -In a stunning move, lawyers for Chris Klein, arrived at district court yesterday with lawsuit in hand, to challenge the election of Steve Swinea as SL Manager of the Year.

Attorney Dave Basler, filed a motion to have the results of the election overturned. Speaking from a makeshift podium in front of "The Tavern", Basler told reporters, "Obviously, we had some voters who wanted to vote for Klein, but they failed to correctly identify the proper Klein. If that's not confusing enough, the ballots used were not consistent throughout the league."

"Additionally, results indicate that Greg Nims won many votes from teams that are traditionally Anti-Nims. The intent of the voters has to be taken into consideration." Basler also was quick to point out, "Any voters of Jewish descent would obviously favor Chris Klein over any other candidate."

Absentee voting and possible voter fraud were also complaints of Basler's. "Did Graham mail his vote to Greg or what? Greg's been complaining all year about how Graham is not available, so we know that Graham didn't take the time to vote. How did Graham's vote show up, or did it?"

The issue of the now famous "Chad" was also brought up. Basler reminded newspeople that Chad Meyers played for the Pullman Porters in 1998, which at the time was a Swinea owned franchise. "If that's not a conflict of interest, I don't know what is."

Steve Swinea downplayed the action. While he and his bride Taz walked their dogs near his south-side Chicago area ranch, Swinea told reporters, "The voters have spoken. Sorry about the holes in my shirt. Do you guys want any cookies or hot wings?" Swinea then assumed a presidential aura and switched the topic to baseball. "Congratulations to that Jambi on the MVP, and to rookie of the year Sazoacki."

Complicating matters is the fact that Greg Nims, who certified the election, has strong divisional ties to Swinea, and is a well known adversary of all of the Kleins.

Public opionion polls indicate a mixed reaction to the situation. "Obviously, Chris Klein couldn't pull in the big votes from areas his brothers represented," former SL'er turned correspondent Jim Frank reported from Florida. "He will be seen as a sore loser."

Bob T. (scrb-IL), the Klein Campaign Manager, appearing on Nightline went as far as to suggest a complete re-vote. "Come on, you're telling me that those voters really meant to vote for Greg Nims? That is ridiculous."

When asked if his all-time record vs Swinea/Nims of 49-72 had anything to do with his feeling, Bob T. dodged the question by repeating, "Come on, you're telling me that those voters really meant to vote for that radical?"

Nims wasted little time responding with an earlier campaign message. "That guy's a major league jerk."

This is just another event in what has truly been a strange year for the SL. Late last month, Chris Klein began the process of "Leaving the Office", and SL members said goodbye to the home where many of them had spent a night after many a party dinner.

An appellate court ruling is expected shortly. Regardless of the outcome, a dark shadow has been cast over this election.