SL 2000 Trade Summary

During the FFF:

Grand Portage gets:Corsica gets:
Jason Kendall, C
Greg Swindell, P*
Wilson Alvarez, P
Brian Boehringer, p
Dave Nilsson, C
Billy Wagner, P*
Roger Clemens, P
Brian Anderson, p
Grand Portage gets:Chilliwack gets:
Matt Lawton, OF
#8 FA draft position
Tom Goodwin, OF
#1 FA draft position

After 50 games:

Thief River Falls gets:Austin gets:
Geoff Jenkins, OF Sean Casey, 1B

Sometime around 65 games:

Grand Portage gets:Cuba gets:
Guillermo Mota, P*
Todd Helton, 1B
Shawn Green, OF
Greg Maddux, P
Brent Mayne, C
Mike Remlinger, P*
Rafael Palmeiro, 1B
Rusty Greer, OF
Mike Sirotka, P
Javy Lopez, C