AFA Draft Analysis:


As noted in the Mock draft, with the first pick of the draft Arizona was able to get the one player who was significantly better anyone else available. By adding Bosa to Deforest Buckner, the Tombstone are set at D-line well into the future. Things I Liked: Deboo Samuel may have been my top rated WR so to get him in the 2nd round after 3 WR’s were off the board was fortunate. Picking up a CB8 in the 3rd round…how was he still available? Sleeper: After being cut in pre-season picking up TE Eric Ebron in the 10th could be a steal…being paired with Big Ben as the #1 receiving TE could see his production go way up.


With 10 picks in the first 4 rounds and 13 in the first 5, Spokane dominated the draft like never before (Denver Dave would have traded most of them into next year). Spokane had so many picks, he had to trade a 5th round pick to Pitt so they could make their 3rd pick of the draft while Spokane was making cuts to keep at the 44 man roster limit. However, the picks were required with a roster in need of an overhaul a lot of picks were made on young, potential talent, some I agreed with, some not, but when you have that many picks there is some leeway to take some ‘flyers’, but ultimately the success of the draft may rest on the development of QB Kyler Murray. Things I liked: Quinnen Williams will be great, but that is expected from the 6th overall pick. I like Noah Fant thought he was a bit of a reach to go in the 2nd round, but hard to argue when he is your 5th pick. Jonathan Jones DB8 provides good versatility and could have gone in the 1st round. Sleeper: With his 14th pick in the 7th round CB Emmanual Moseley will see his rating rise with another good season in San Fran.

Las Vegas:

Vegas continued it’s ??? year of rebuilding. Things I Liked: Vegas began its most recent rebuild along the lines of conventional wisdom selecting a DL (1st round) OL (2nd round) and Franchise QB (3rd round), all of which were good solid selections with this writer’s stamp of approval. This may really be the start of a turnaround for this franchise. Sleeper: In the 7th round Vegas selected S6 Jonathan Abram, an NFL 1st round draft pick, he was hurt in the very first game of his rookie season, Abram only has a durability of 1 this year, but all signs point to him becoming a superstar in the near future.

San Antonio:

Looking to rebuild the old fashioned way, San Antonio was one of only 3 AFA franchises to not have traded away any of its 2020 draft picks. Things I liked: First 3 picks were all solid and diversified throughout the lineup; a burner WR, on OL, and an up and coming young Safety. Sleeper: Nate Gerry OLB6 picked up in the 6th round didn’t start until the 6th game of the season and played the whole year with a core muscle injury before having off-season surgery has a lot of potential upside.


The Carbon added to an already formidable WR team with their 1st pick and then proceeded to diversify its remaining picks to fill out its roster. Things I liked: The back half of their draft; if Stidham really is the next Brady, getting him in the 10th round will turn out to be legendary, and how was WR5 Auden Tate still available for his 2nd pick in the 10th round? Sleeper: Drue Tranquill LB6 – an excellent rookie campaign especially the last have combined with changes in the NFL Chargers linebackers pave the wave for him to become a star.


With a rookie GM Cleveland acquitted themselves quite well. With 4 of their first 5 picks traded away, they were able to trade back into the 1st round and even managed to make 4 picks in the first 3 rounds (he may not have needed the 3rd round supplemental pick). ThingsI I liked: With their first 3 picks they were able to snag the top receiving TE, a young CB7, and a versatile DL7 all which helped strengthen an already solid roster. Sleeper: Their best pick may have been their last pick, S6 Jordan Whitehead is a young starting safety on an improving Bucs team his improvement will mirror that of the team.

Kansas City:

With a lot of good young players on defense ready to blossom, KC focused on the offensive side of the ball in this year’s draft. Things I liked: Took what was widely believed to be the best RB in the draft with their 1st pick, then tried to corner the market on young, up-and-coming OL. Wasn’t afraid to pick for value and then go back to the OL. Sleeper: CB6 Greedy Williams was a 1st round NFL draft pick and like most young corners was inconsistent, but with loads of talent, if he puts it together…watch out.


Having traded away picks 2-4 (I feel your pain) he made the most of his 1st round selection getting a 10 sack DE to give him a good tandem to rush the passer from the D-line. Things I liked: With only 3 picks in the first 5 rounds, Krakow was somehow able to land three 7 rated players to help strengthen his team. Also like the movement towards the criminal element; somewhere, Jack Tatum – The Assassin and his Raider teammates are giving their stamp of approval. Sleeper: Being a Steelers fan I have to go with Mason Rudolph way down in the 13th round. Although a little shaky in his first year of playing, he will hopefully improve, and you never know if Big Ben will stay injury free.


The second GM to still own and make all his original picks. Albuquerque used a methodical approach to the draft to help fill the few holes in his roster. Things I liked: Really liked the selection of RB Miles Sanders. I personally thought he was the best RB in draft and to be able to get him in the 2nd round was very surprising (too bad he didn’t slip just a little further and he could have been a RoughRider). Sleeper: Guard Alex Cappa will be playing in front of Tom Brady whose pocket presence and quick release should help raise the whole OL ratings by a point or two.

San Diego:

With a strong OL, San Diego’s focus was on the offensive skill positions and defense. Things I liked: Seeing the early run on WR’s San Diego decided to go get theirs with their first round pick and then somehow, in the 2nd round were able to get the RB with the highest YPC that, as per the Mock, was expected to go in the first round. After getting their skill position players, they settled in and targeted a bunch of promising young defenders. Sleeper: Have to go with my cut S7 Reshad Jones picked up in the 11th round. A perennial pro bowler and highly ranked AFA member, Jones was injured last year (durability 3) and cut by Miami of the NFL. He is still only 31 years old and has a chip on his shoulder with something to prove.


My personal nemesis in the Norris division, Alaska always comes away with a great looking draft haul and this year is no different. Things I liked: The picks on defense; a franchise ILB, a S8 at the back end of the 3rd round and DE6 Clelin Ferrell is going to be great on the DL. Sleeper: Anyone good enough to make your team get rid of T Jason Peters (when he still wants to play) has to be something special…just watch the development of T5 Andre Dillard if he is there as long as Peters, Alaska will not be drafting a tackle for years to come.


With a starting roster already set and loaded, this draft was about getting some back-ups and development players (having traded away 3 of their top 5 picks, sometimes development is all that is left. Things I liked: Getting a versatile back with a 5.1 YPC who can also catch, removing the need to switch between running and receiving backs. Also, getting a CB7 and a S7 as the nickel and dime DB’s to complete the defense (leaving only 3 players rated 6 and all others at 7 or higher). Sleeper: S6 Taylor Rapp in the 8th round lots to like as he looks to lead an improving Ram defensive backfield.


The final GM to retain all of his original picks, and with a solid roster to begin with, this draft was all about finding value wherever it may be. Things I liked: Can’t go wrong getting a QB with a huge rating, and if this new Ryan Tannehill is for real…also liked getting him TE Hockenson who has huge upside as a receiver. Sleeper: Tony Pollard – and RB with a 5.3 YPC is worth a shot, especially in the 11th round…can he get enough carries next year to qualify as a starter?


With strength throughout the roster and looking to for a return to glory and the ALT Bowl, Hollywood was drafting for quality depth at select positions. Things I liked: Although already possessing a dominant OL, they did not rest on their laurels and picked up 2 good young OL. Getting OLB6 Montez Sweat in the 4th round…he may have been the best OLB on the board and definitely with the highest ceiling. Sleeper: Have to go with another of my cuts here…OG Andrus Peat in the 7th round – I agonized before cutting him, with a massive new contract blocking on a superior Saints OL, the only thing that has kept him from reaching his Pro Bowl potential has been injuries. If he can avoid them, I will start next year with REGRET!


Will their team ever falter? Having a keen eye in the draft has kept them near the top since before I joined…and so it continues. Things I liked: How is 24 year old S7 Chuck Clark still available at the end of the 5th round? Steal!! And to go along with 2 DB’s picked earlier in the draft…looks like it is going to be about pass defense in Chicago. Sleeper: RB Derrius Guice – two years of injuries, but if he can stay healthy he will be a top 10 NFL RB and to get him in the 10th round is a bargain.

New York:

What can I say…I look at the draft board and the only boxes not coloured are the 1st round and the 11th round…LOL. Once again the master of the trade has been wheeling and dealing –trading picks and then getting them back…still trying to figure out how he does it. What I liked: Can’t go wrong with ILB Devin Bush the next in a long line of HOF Steelers linebackers. WR Brown is a burner with big YPC making New York’s first 2 picks very solid. Sleepers: None I hope! Time to dethrone the Champs!

Good Luck in the upcoming Season!!!