AFA2017 Mock Draft

By Doug

As the AFA gets ready to open up Season 20 I get ready to completely misjudge whom will get picked where. Since this was the only chance I'll have to do it and we haven't even made all of our cuts yet and there haven't been any announced trades I am sure this thing will be completely obsolete by the time Chucky is on the clock with the 1st pick. Enjoy and feel free to openly laugh at my failures.

1. San Antonio - QB Dak Prescott. This is the only pick I am definite about. Well pretty sure about. Maybe. I mean he took Romo's fall job so why not this one too?

2. Cleveland - DE/LB9 Joey Bosa. Ryan gets going with his 1st full draft by taking the sack happy former Buckeye. Big upgrade for the Force's d-line. He even promised to show up for mini camp.

3. Krakow - RB Ezekiel Elliott. The Kielbasa put another weapon around Cam to take the pressure off. Maybe his fall developmental team should do the same thing.

4. Las Vegas - T9 Jack Conklin. With Tyron Smith on one side and Conklin on the other, Vegas plans to keep Derek Carr's bones in one piece this year. Plus there were no good Jets to pick.

5. Albuquerque - WR Micheal Thomas. Welcome to the league Dino! Eli is always happy to have another receiver. It's a helluva trio with AJ Green and Brandon Marshall.

6. San Diego - QB Carson Wentz. I mean Tom Brady can't play forever right. Right?

7. Hollywood - DL7 DeForest Buckner. The Star's need a DE badly so they pounce on the former Duck. Good pick up for a position that isn't very deep.

8. Kansas City - WR/RB/Ret Tyreke Hill. The rebuild continues in KC with the explosive Hill. Another young piece to an offense that is coming together nicely.

9. Pittsburgh - T7 Taylor Decker. The RoughRiders needed some help at tackle so they turn to the big fella out of Ohio State. 4th Buckeye gone in the top 10.

10. Arizona - CB8 AJ Bouye. Major haul for the Tombstone as they grab the fall developmental league's highest rated CB. In a pass happy league there is no bigger need, well except QB of course.

11. New York - RB Jordan Howard. The 2nd biggest playoff disappointment takes the current Bear to supplant the former Bear Matt Forte as the Knights' top RB.

12. Alaska - WR Terrell Pryor. Hey look another former Buckeye! This one goes to the biggest playoff disappointment. Drew Brees will target the sometimes former QB over and over for the Grizz.

13. Indianapolis - DB7 Jalen Ramsey. Cobras fans start doing the chop with Ramsey's selection.

14. Denver - LB8 Zach Brown. The Demons are looking to win it all this year and fill their one hole on D with the versatile Brown.

15. Minnesota - S7 Keanu Neal. Warren did a helluva job getting the Sun Dogs all the way to the big game in season 1. Now the job gets tougher. Which QB plays? Is one of them getting traded? That's for another time. Right now the hard hitting Gator looks to be the 1st piece to help get Minny to the promised land. He also breaks the defensive huddle yelling "I am an FBI agent" so how can you not love him?

16. Chicago - WR Sterling Sheppard. The reigning, defending, undisputed champs the Caravan add the slot weapon Sheppard. Aaron Rodgers approves this pick.