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nhl7172.zip - 1971-72 NHL season cards, created by Mark Zarb

1997-98.zip - 1997-98 season data disk from Steve Perry. To install, Steve says "simply create a sub-directory in you hockey directory (i.e. 1997-98). Then unzip this file into it and youre all set. Please let me know of any changes/ideas/comments you have!!"

draft.zip - Hockey draft utility v. 1.01 from Steve Perry (174k).

Steve's instructions: This is a test version, so please let me no of any Problems/bugs/Comments that you have. The only way I can Make this better is by feedback. V 2.0 is on the horizon, which will feature AUTODRAFT. Unzip this file onto a floppy, then RUN SETUP from the floppy. If you have any questions,let me know..
hck_util.zip - Hockey Bundle - The Hockey bundle contains the The Hockey Bus and The Hockey Adjuster. These programs are Windows programs. (156k)

73-74wha.zip - 1973-'74 World Hockey Association data disk. (202k)

74-75wha.zip - 1974-'75 World Hockey Association data disk. (323k)

74-5nhlwha.zip - 1974-'75 Combined disk with all NHL and WHA teams, grouped into 4 divisions. (171k)

1977-78 hockey disk, created by Larry Gavlak. 09.01.2001.

1986-87 hockey disk, created by Larry Gavlak. 09.01.2001.

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