Trade Summary:

Gilmer sends Roger Clemens (1st round selection), Sammy Sosa (2nd), Mo Vaughn (7th), and Ramon Martinez (24th) to Hibbing for Mark McGwire (1st pick overall), Omar Daal (5th round), Bobby Abreu (10th), and El Duque Hernandez (22nd) at the 40 game mark.

Andrews sends Bartalo Colon (8th round selection), Bobby Higginson (12th), and John Rocker (19th) to Chicago for Eric Davis (9th), Rick Helling (11th), and Doug Henry (26th) at the 40 game mark.

Windy City sends OF Brian Giles (17th round selection) to Liverpool for OF Darryl Strawberry (22nd round selection)
07.02.99, both teams played 40 games prior.