'99 Free Agent Moves

In the Summer League, one of our odd little rules that developed over the years is the free agent process. Teams have only one chance to make free agent moves, and its after the league plays a round robin schedule of 5 games against each team. So this year, at the 40 game mark, we held the free agent draft. Each team submits their drops prior to the draft, and only teams that make drops are eligible to draft players. Here are the '99 drops:

Gilmer (Doug) - Dean Palmer, Mike Benjamin, Eric Young, Paul Shuey
Windy City (Ken) - Kirk Rueter, Shannon Stewart, John Hudek, Terry Steinbach
Hibbing (Joe) - Jeff King, Jeromy Burnitz, Scott Service
Barstow (Greg) - Hideki Irabu

The draft progressed as follows:

Doug -- DeShields, Fabregas, AMartin, Raines
Ken -- Rueter, Shuey, Brady Anderson, Amaral
Joe -- Berry, AArias, Hoiles
Greg -- Irabu