Palatine Liberation Organization - 65 Game Quiz and Notes

1. Which of the following players leads the PLO with 15 homers:

2. Which of the following owners paged me three times at 8:00 on a Saturday morning to make a trade to "make both our ballclubs better?"

3. The low light of the PLO Season to date has been:

4. The following starters have respective stats of: 5-7, 5.61 and 2-8, 6.93.

5. The "Jay Bell Factor" is a phrase coined for the following:

6. Other than the Jay Bell factor, the highlight of the season thus far has been:

7. The following song best describes my team after 65 games:

This completes the quiz.

The answers to all the above questions are "D", which by no coincidence is the grade that I have given myself in drafting and managing to this point. However all is not lost. In the midst of this sophomore slump, I still have to acknowledge that I am having a great time competing, and look forward to continuing. I simply refuse to support Chrisís argument that I was "unprepared and disinterested" in the league, and that this would come back to hurt me.

I am puzzled by the performance of my team. I prioritized pitching in my draft, and it is my hitting that is winning ball games for me. Case in point, My Ace, Pedro did win a game in which he pitched 8 2/3 and gave up 13 earned runs to notch the victory. An 11 run PLO inning afforded me the luxury of keeping him in the game. Guys like Paul OíNeill, Jay Bell and Jason Kendall have 11 to 12 homers. Ray Durham is on pace to hit 37 homers, and if all predictions of him not reaching this mark are true, hopefully my pitching starting pitching staff will make a recovery of sorts. If not, I should just draft Trachsel next year.

I didnít make any trades for two reason. First, no one other than Steve approached me, and I didnít think I was getting fair market value. Secondly, I still like my team. I can steal bases. I can hit for power. My pitching will come around. I also think that this has been a good learning experience. After all, I have only allowed one or two guys to steal home this year.

After 65 games I feel like my team is starting to come together.

I will catch Ken Klein, and then make a run at Greg. Long Live the PLO.