Keith Klein Rates the '98 Owners

***News, Notes, and Opinions from Keith Klein***

In response to yesterday's column, a loyal reader
(or so he says) closed his long email with a challenge ...

"Write a happy column, Rob. I dare you."

Gee, I think I've written plenty of happy columns
over the three seasons I've had this gig. Remember how
happy I was when Barry Bonds was intentionally
walked with the bases loaded?

Just to clarify, I chose the above passage because (1) like the ESPN SportsZone Peter Gammons commercial from years ago, I LOVE Rob Neyer, and (2) as the the Summer League's Official Scribe, I would rather write "feel-good" SL features than the critical stuff I write in the Draft Notes. And doesn't the bases loaded intentional walk sound like a slightly off-center strategy that could permeate our league?

Here's my effort to champion the '98 SL Owners.

John Bryant: Cosmo Kramers

great '98 accomplishment: Combined with Keith on a 1 minute and 53 second game
everyone fondly remembers: John swilling beer at 10 am in the office in an attempt to ease the pain of a late season collapse
ask John about: How Randy Johnson started out 0-7
voted: Most Likely to Draft a Guy Named Mickey
outlook for '99: Unsteady

Dan Casper: Cherokee Choctaws

great '98 accomplishment: Securing an individual award (MVP Larry Walker)
everyone fondly remembers: The "SL '98" League Dan played in
ask Dan about: How to manage a 4-man bullpen
voted: Most Likely to Name His Team with Country Music Relevance
outlook for '99: Murky

Joe Hauser: Peace Frogs

great '98 accomplishment: Over .500, minus his blowup versus Bob
everyone fondly remembers: "Stretch and Pitch"
ask Joe about: Pitching ace Gary Gaetti
voted: Most Likely to Not Draft Travis Fryman Again
outlook for '99: Available

Bob Taterka: Grandwood Park Chan Ho's

great '98 accomplishment: Sustained wild card run during the most balanced SL to date
everyone fondly remembers: Stealing home successfully against Bob
ask Bob about: What he learned in '98
voted: Rookie of the Year
outlook for '99: Sophomoric

Ken Klein: Gurnee GiAnts

great '98 accomplishment: Getting back in the SL race after the blockbuster trade
everyone fondly remembers: Pitching trades to Ken following his blockbuster trade
ask Ken about: Hosting the '99 Owners Meeting
voted: Most Likely to Pull a Guy Working on a No-No
outlook for '99: Redemptive

Greg Nims: Grand Junction Skillet

great '98 accomplishment: Taking 4 of 6 from Chris in the playoffs after going 5-16 against him during the season
everyone fondly remembers: Raul Mondesi's 4 extra-inning home plate assists in one game
ask Greg about: Whether he'll insist his new apartment has a mantle to display the Spit Cup
voted: Most Likely to Play Little Ball
outlook for '99: Thorny

Steve Swinea: Pullman Porters

great '98 accomplishment: Clearing his good name after the Bohunks sullied it in'97
everyone fondly remembers: Bad Chad Curtis, the Thirdbaseman-Catcher
ask Steve about: His notes
voted: Most Likely to Have Heart Failure During a Game
outlook for '99: Shazaam

Keith Klein: Manhattan Project

great '98 accomplishment: Game 6 and 7 comebacks against the Porters in the Playoffs
everyone fondly remembers: Keith's flashpoint -- Jamie Moyer
ask Keith about: How many walks he took around Lake Sundoro during the SL Draft
voted: Most Likely to Win his Division
outlook for '99: Rush-ed

Chris Klein: Harrison Cheeky Monkeys

great '98 accomplishment: The first to win 100 in a season in our storied league
everyone fondly remembers: Playing Spring League games to test the players
ask Chris about: Whether he'll have more children after he runs out of team names in 2 years
voted: GM of the Year
outlook for '99: Favorite



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