Harrison v. Grand Junction series review

by Chris Klein, Harrison coach


Everyone had me down as the prohibitive favorite in this series, I wasn't going to fall into that trap for many reasons. First of all, I completely annihilated Greg during the regular season, meaning things had a good chance of evening themselves out during the playoffs. Also when you manage against a manager that is as knowledgable and competitive as Greg, you can never count him out. So I was definitely a bit leary of him when we went into this series.

I know the series finished at 4-2, but I honestly have to say I was climbing an uphill battle the whole series. And in spite of being up 1 game to 0, and tied at 2 games to 2, I was never really in it. I won game 1 by an improbable couple of 2-run homers against Maddux in the 8th and 9th innings. Then I faced my only real decision of the playoffs. Do I start 13 Y Matt Morris, or 10Z Chris Holt, who had put up great numbers for me this season. Since I was up 1-0. I went with Morris. Whether that was the turning point of the series or not, we will never know, but Morris got rocked and the series was even.

I lost game three, and I don't remember anything about it, except I think it was in extra innings. Game four I faced Pat Hentgen who my team had batted about .400 against during the regular season. We continued to slaughter him. I think I was up 12-0 at one point, then held on to win like 12-10, with Greg's go ahead runner at the plate. Too much sweating thus far. Game five was another close one that I lost but don't remember, except I think Maddux beat me in like a 3-2 game or something. Game six I think I started Holt instead of Morris, and he didn't do much better. I had like a 2-out bases empty 3-run rally in the ninth to send it to extra innings. We both scored in the 10th or 11th, and in the 12th, I think Caminiti hit a 2-run homer in the top half, but I gave up three in the bottom half (with only one out I think) to lose.

Again, I have to give a lot of credit to Greg. I'm sure I was more prepared, as I have nothing better to do all day then sit around and think about this stuff, but he just came in here with nothing to lose, and didn't. I still hit like I did in the regular season, but I didn't pitch very well, and paid the price. I felt kind of like the '93 Braves who won over 100 games, but lost to a decidedly inferior Phillies team. But that is why we play the games. I know it was a playoffs series for the ages.