Draft Notes '95 (C)

What an awful league! After doing this twice before, did we really have to have a third league? Just because Dan wasn't in this, '95 (C) was going to be great. It turned out to be a big asterisk. It begs the question, why didn't we try a 162 game league with '95 (A) and screw the A,B,C crap?

Piazza, a '95 (A) second-rounder, was not even taken in '95 (C). Chris grabbed three of '95 (A) top 8 picks, then drafted the league's four best relievers. Mondesi, whom he protected in the '95 (B) draft, was available in the 20th round for Chris.

Ken drafted Maddux and a collection of other good guys, which made him believe his team would have finished in first if the computer hadn't crashed.

Jim drafted a non-descript team which was above .500.

Keith had 4 of the best pitchers. Based on the starting staff, he coulda had a winner, but somehow ended up starting 16th-rounder Kirby Puckett in RF, who came off the bench in '95 (A) and (B), which were six team leagues.

Greg drafted an un-Greg-like team. He took a defenseless slugger in round 1 and didn't tap into the pitching-well until round 4. His pitching staff was probably only the fourth best, behind Keith and his starters, Chris and his relievers, and Ken and Maddux. Again chose Schmenke.

I'm glad the computer crashed.


Draft opinions of Keith Klein 10.9.97