Draft Notes '94

With only a week of prep time available, the 1994 Summer League Draft offered some curious choices. Dan shocked everyone by taking John Valentin about 20 rounds too early, a pick motivated by Dan asking too few questions while watching Keith scout shortstops. He nearly repeated his blunder when he announced he was taking Mike Pagliarulo in the next round, but after seeing everyone's reaction, he quickly gave a "just kiddin'" and tried to right his course by taking pitching. After taking a long time between picks throughout the day, people began offering Dan suggestions, which he usually took. If not for the hints, either the draft would still be going on or Dan would have had the worst assemblege of drafted talent since ten-year old Keith Klein was invited into the 1981 Strike League by his older brothers and Steve Swinea.

Brian took some Minnesotans and subsequently drowned in a not-so-talented pool.

Chris had something to do on draft day, so after selecting Olerud, he gave Keith his drafting proxy. Keith gave Chris a decent team (league MVP Ron Gant came in the 14th round), but challenged Chris by giving him poor outfield arms, a poor throwing catcher, and forced Chris to rely on J-3 at key positions. Chris would later trade about one-third of the team to try and give the team his own flavor.

Ken drafted Maddux, then only one pitcher in the next 13 rounds, including a 9 round stretch immediately after taking Maddux. The offensive megalomaniac had two catchers by round 8, two firstbaseman by round 9 (three by round 17), and two shortstops by round 13. When he finally rounded out his rotation, his staff was nothing but a one-trick pony.

Keith shrewdly grabbed the Cy winner in the 7th round after taking MVP runner-up Barry Bonds with the first pick. Stretch-run hero Eric Davis was nabbed in the 24th round, while Keith wishes he would have invested in better complementary relief pitching after taking Gregg Olson 2nd.

Greg, with the "swing" picks (picks 6 and 7, 18 and 19 etc. in the reverse-S draft), claims to have controlled the draft. Greg's formula for success was evident early as he took pitching in rounds 2-6, then defensive stalwarts Karkovice and Fryman in rounds 7 and 8. Mickey Tettleton proved profittable for Greg as the 150th selection would later be dealt for 8th overall pick and World Series hero John Valentin.


Draft opinions of Keith Klein 9.2.97