YYZ Subdivisions Draft Debrief

By Keith, 2018/02/21


My offense was very poor last year. Perhaps it always is. I did lead the league in runs in 2015. but that was the worst offensive season in our history. Shrug. Not sure what Markov is going to say, but this offense is better, Even the players who aren't all that special offensively will offer me things I can do.

I love Nelson Cruz to be impactful. Cesar Hernandez has been a crush of mine for several years, would have taken him much earlier if the GM on my shoulder hadn't traded for Matt Olson. Inciarte and Vazquez and Pina, even a Chisenhall ... those players need to reward my faith in them for me to have the offense I think I can have.

Years past has been less batting average and ISO focused than my team is this year, I expect everyone will have a better ISO than in previous years because of the HR boost, but I believe I will have significantly better XBH totals than I normally put up, The goal here is always to score runs, hoping less emphasis on OBP vs. batting average and ISO does lead to that end goal.

We shall see.


I took offense my first 5 picks, which I don't do. Did I set myself up for failure with that approach? All I can say is that I think I ended up with a much different staff than I am used to managing, but I have had staff's like this -- tho moreso in the distant past.

Stroman is the 3rd starter I envisioned, happy to take Otero when I did, thankful Alexander was there when he was compared to when other W relievers went. Does Leake kill me at a 7.00 ERA-pace for 110 innings? Or even worse, do Avilan and Hernandez and Otero kill me just as bad with a 5.00 ERA-pace?? The other worry is that my "top" relievers of Albers-Giles-Morrow don't give me traditional top-end quality, which could mean bad ERAs or blown saves or just plain semi-effectiveness.

Minus Smoltz-Gagne, and not taking into account the HR prevention this staff is a lot like my SL 2004 staff. The problem with that team was more or less how my 5th starter or relievers 3-6 performed. I sure could hit the same trouble, but I think I took a decent amount of good opportunity-costs relative to the spot.

Drafting pitching is easier than drafting offense, I will always believe. Just less variables to consider, more straightforward impacts. At the same time as I consider how I did drafting pitching, when I pick a late-round reliever and see that a guy on a ski-lift is making as good or better pitching picks than I am, I wonder how effective my staff as a whole will be.

We shall see.


I planned to have a great defense. That's why I took a Seager early, one reason why Betts was relatively early. Anyway, this all went out the window when I went w/ the Olson trade (meant playing a 1B-2, likely shifting Freeman to play some 3B as a 3). Then it really went out the window when I decided Contreras was good enough to be an offensive catcher / offensive option at 3B. Couple all this with a crapload of 1-defense relievers, and shaky parts to my catching (PB3 Vazquez, backup catcher Pina throwing OK but still just a 7) ... just all has me very, very worried.

I do love Vazquez as an 8+5 but moreso as an 8+5 who might be able to hit for an above league-average batting average, I do love the Seager 9, I do love the Ramirez 3B/2B defense, and I will plan to have the majority of my games with 3 3's in OF, which in my mind I have done about twice in my time in the SL.

One of the biggest things I see year-to-year are corrections, and even over-corrections. Jim talked about this in his review -- took relief much too early in 2017, so he perhaps over-corrected and neglected relief in 2018. I continually do this with platoon ratings and specific relievers and things like that from year-to-year, but going into 2018, I know I hated a ton of things about my defense in 2017, so I was planning to over-correct my defense at the expense of some offense and some pitching. Again, that was in the works, then it fell out the window like turkeys being dropped from a helicopter on Thanksgiving in a 70s sitcoms. Will my defense be that awful, or can I manage the defense in a way that highlights the positives and reduces the negatives.

We shall see.


Liked the HR prevention staff that I drafted. Liked the fact that I was doomed to draft a specific final few guys and felt the pitching I had the opportunity to get wasn't going to be as impactful as a Matt Olson would be to my offense -- so Matt's offer was a gift.


Greg made an offer before I picked in the 5th, and I did things wrong with not accepting the trade and with my execution of that pick (though to my grave, I will be Nelson Cruz SL cheerleader -- which may lead to an early grave, I don't know).

I was going through a lot at work from December 1st on, especially with one client of mine that is always in Go-Live or Burn-In mode and with one other "special project" I was managing for my department. So when the normal "Let's draft way earlier than we said we would because ..." emails started, it just pissed me off. Just seems to me we do this dance every year based on how excited two or three SLers get, and whether their CAPS LOCK key is stuck on or not. There is nothing wrong with voicing opinions in the SL, and there is nothing wrong with taking the feedback from those opinions. When the initial "Let's draft way earlier than we said" emails stopped and the second wave of "Can we draft now?" emails started, most of us were in a better spot, and it made for one of the smoother and faster drafts in recent years (2007 took maybe one day less w/ 2 more GMs).


Play games. Be respectful of each other. Cheer on the Swinea Spit Cup victory lap. Manage my team well.