Warriors Preview

Coming off a miracle season, I was more than happy to get drafting again---just needed a little bit of time to scout and prepare. Thanks to Greg and the spreadsheets available, I was able to do a lot of this at work (shhhh) and probably spent just 5 hours or so total at home, so that was a very good thing. Team name? Bought a new house on Winthrop Drive last year. Let me tell you that me and the people I live with are Warriors just for getting up in the morning and dealing with the day. Moving forward is sometimes not an easy thing, and this is something we have to deal with daily. But somehow we do, and here we are. Now on to the draft.

Early on I decided that Posey was probably a solid choice for me, due to that hot mess that is catching this year. I hate the stress of dealing with a +0 or worse, and most of the other guys that were better throwing couldn't hit a lick. So it was Posey. Donaldson was other here, as I thought based on people's personal preferences, he could have gone as early as 5. Rizzo was pretty much the only other guy I considered here, but I figured first base was deep enough that I could grab a quality player there in a later round. Not Rizzo quality, but at a lesser cost.

Offense. I thought I had a pretty good one, but now that I am crunching the numbers, middle of the road is probably more likely. I won't walk as much as I would like, but should hit a decent number of homers. I have a fair number of steals available (over 160 attempts with 30+ grade stealers), so moving these guys around the bases may be the key to my scoring, as I should hit for a pretty good average. Team speed, while not super fast is not slow. Only two guys on roster are rated under 10 (I don't count Maldonado for anything...).

Defense. I wasn't looking to do this, but it is the team's strength. Fielding a team defense of 47 or so regularly is really good, with SS-8 being the lone weak spot--which I will address again later. By far the best I have ever had. But what is it worth?

Starting Pitching. I got three really good ones early (3 of top 8 according to my list). I may have screwed up by not filling out the rotation though. I have two Gs and 3 Zs. Bullpen. Maybe the weakest in the league?? But still is 24-17-17-15-14-14. Many Gs and an H, plus a couple Z. All have XY. Overall staff. League average?. Should be on low end of homers allowed, and probably middle of pack for walks. Will come down to how those top three starters pitch plus how I manage my bullpen.

Best picks/good values. Belt and Abreu.
Biggest reaches. Nunez and Parra (I would include Heyward, but Keith said he was considering him there). Nunez for some reason I had in my head he was a decent player. Tulowitzki was picked 7 rounds later and may have been a much better fit for my team.

Draft overall. i thought we went at a pretty good pace---flying through those final ten rounds! Throughout the draft, after Jim would swing, I would try and make a list of two or three names. Most of the time Ken and Keith would pick those names and I would be scrambling for new names while Gregg was picking. Shrug. Nature of the draft. I think my team is pretty good, and should be hunting for a playoff spot at season's end. Great group of guys to be playing in a league with