Immortals 40 Game (ish) Summary

After the draft, Steve said to me, "you should be able to win most of the games." I thought he was joking! But seriously, I have been very fortunate thus far. Winning close games, getting two out hits, shutting other teams down with runners in scoring position. All of these are things that "generally" even themselves out over the course of a season, and I should slowly migrate back towards a .500 record. But the wins are already in the book, so I will take them!

Still figuring out how to run this team (Revere!?). Completely unlike any team I have ever managed before, so it is a constant challenge, and hopefully I am learning things along the way. It's nice to be able to go to the bullpen and keep finding high graded relievers (Benoit, a 23, is on the "dark side"). With the third catcher and a backup J-4 infielder, the bench is shallow, but all that means to me is that the players on the field have to do it themselves. Pitching has been plus plus so far, with the offense lagging behind, but slowly coming back around. I am still waiting for Trout to get going, but as long as I keep putting him in position to succeed, he will eventually hit some. Duda, Upton, and Storen have been solid thus far, while Rendon, Smith and Rasmus have joined Trout in the slow start to date. Manager has been about a B+ so far, and we will take that. But there is room for improvement.

I think Keith and Graham have the best teams, but that does not necessarily mean they are Spit Cup favorites or will even make the playoffs. After the 35 game FFA, it was easy to say that there are five teams fighting for 4 playoff spots, but with so many games remaining....( we all remember what Jim did last year). Thanks again Steve for the draft, and being a constant sounding board, and thanks everyone for the continued support.