Tigerton Preview

Selecting from the 7 spot presented quite a few problems from the get go --- especially when my assessment had the value of the selections dropping sharply prior to my selection. Due to this condition, I had to think unconventionally and draft accordingly. A few blessings happened while there was some disappointments. Selecting Hanley in the first obviously has its flaws, fortunately I was able to supplement him fairly well with Peralta. Selecting Lucroy to catch was also supplemented well enough with Soto and AJ – the Texas twosome.

Offense: It actually kept getting better and better as the draft went along which was based upon drafting assumptions. Granted my defense was compromised… Near the top, I will say that it will likely be third or fourth best in the league. The largest question will be whether I can get all 122 games from Victorino. I don’t see a ton of homers from this team although everyone has 1 at 66 except Gentry, Peralta and Chris Johnson. 180? I have a few J3’s that I have to work around and a few guys that have 42’s and will likely be injured. Team speed is pretty good up and down the lineup with a few 17’s and decent steals from Gentry, Victorino, Dyson and Lucroy. Occasionally, we will be sending guys like Venable and Hanley maybe Donaldson…

Pitching: I love the 18G starter and the two high grade relievers to finish the games. CJ Wilson as 14G lefty starter is fine. Other than that, pretty much fillers. I do have a high grade lefty reliever and was very pleased to get Brothers as late as I did. It doesn’t mean that he will perform to the level the other three will --- just unusual for me.

Defense: Some bright spots but not many. Possibly last in the league, I don’t see this as absolutely horrible.

Best selections: You had to ask! On my value board Khris Davis in the 10th was great. Brothers? Chris Johnson for his Offense. Walker. Venable in the 17th. You can debate these with me if you want.

Worst selections: Rasmus. I felt I was at a rock and hard place for CF and really contemplated this. Took him in the 4th then 3 more guys that can play there… and will likely end up playing more corner OF than CF.

Overall: If I get 20 less wins than last year, I will be thrilled. If I don’t make the playoffs, I wont be thrilled.