Boston Green Dragons Preview

Several things made last years APBA season not as fun for me. This included, but is not limited to the following:

  1. Not being competitive in games 4 and 5 because my starting pitching sucked so badly.
  2. Being run out of games because my catchers could not throw.
  3. having no flexabiltiy because I drafted to many part time players.
So I went into this draft hopeful to fix those things without creating even worse alternatives. Having the #2 pick was nice as it insured a reallly good hitter. I believe this is my highest draft pick ever. I was hopeful that Chris would pass on Trout and i could get him, but i am good with Cabrerra. I think i should be improved in the three areas above. My lowest grade starter is a 13w, so hopefully my Billingsley nightmares will stop soon. I also have two solid defensive cathers that are 9's with +6 arms and i drafted mostly full time players this year. As i know most everyone noticed, I do not have any utility type guy on my team. The few that i wanted went earlier then i was willing to take them and i decided around round 16 to try the full time player bench route. we will see how that goes soon enough.

the beancount means shit to me. But i think my team should be able to score some runs. i would think i might be able to be upper middle of the pack in runs scored. Defense is solid everywhere excpet third base. C-9, 1b-5, 2b-9, SS-9, 3b-3, OF 3-3-2 with solid arms. i also heard that cabrerra has been working hard on his defense this off season. Everyone has good pitching this year.

Best pick - Adrian Gonzalez in round 17. He led the league in hitting last year and his card is almost identical. Worst pick - Carlos Gomez over Andrew Mccutchen (to be determined).

Weaknesses, roster flexibiltiy is low. i will be able to make one or two moves per game, but could have issues if injuries occur after a move is made. I have alot of platoon rating guys. I definitely took it into consideration, but not as much as in past years and didn't weight it as heavy in decisions over other data points.

Overall - fairly happy with my team right now. I will predict my first ever 500 or better season.