SL2014 Draft Notes - Part 5 - Value Picks

Who were the SL's best value picks in 2014? Two stand out to me, based on need and how well they compare to picks taken earlier and, in general, the strength they will provide their teams. But we'll talk about those two later.

Dividing the draft into 3 sections, the top 9 rounds show a few picks that stand out to me value-wise. Koji Uehara will be the league's best reliever, and his 24ZZG is pretty comparable to my taking John Smoltz 11th overall with his 23ZZH HBO. Perhaps I was off my rocker in taking that reliever at that point, but taking the potentially dominant Uehara 42nd overall was a great value pick.

The other great value picks I see in this section include Craig Gentry, Melancon, Zobrist, Ortiz, Bryce Harper and Cliff Lee. Yan Gomes is also off the charts with his value going 49th overall.

The middle section shows a few names jumping out at me. 10th rounder Khris Davis should be off the charts for 56 games, Wellington Castillo may be better to Matt's overall success than a 12th rounder normally is, David Price has a chance to be great or at least leaps and bounds better than L11ZZ+2 Cliff Lee was for me in 2013 as the 52nd overall pick. Jed Lowrie, Jeff Baker, Dioner Navarro, and Rex Brothers are also high value guys in my eyes.

The bottom section, because of the low cost of taking these players, is often where we find the best value picks. The two biggest value picks came from this section of the draft, first with Carlos Quentin going at the end of the 21st and then when Ken selected Chris Johnson early in the 24th. These two players will be vital cogs in their team's offenses, and they should produce offensively comparable to many, many players taken in the top section of the draft. They have flaws, whether speed or defense or games played, but they have major plusses their managers will love.

The remaining great value picks taken in the bottom section of the draft include JJ Hardy, Scooter Gennett, Aaron Hill, Ramiro Pena, and Jarrod Dyson. These guys all can be important pieces to team success despite their low draft position, and in a couple of these cases, they are comparable to players taken well ahead of them.