Tishomingo Blues Preview

The Spit Cup engravers were barely done getting my guys names on it when it was time to start scouting and drafting again, so I actually spent less time than I normally do in draft preparation. Maybe five hours total (?). Never even got around to SS or OF, which may be one of the reasons I took Desmond so high... Team name in honor of Elmore Leonard, maybe my favorite writer, who passed this year.

I thought Cabrera was the best hitter--by far. But that is all he could do, and I really hate the thought of having to pinch run for my best player, yet do not want him clogging the basepaths either. And he will be on base more than anyone. Davis' power was obviously exceptional, but would need complementary players to make him valuable. Which Graham did a great job of, but would have been marginally more difficult for me, as I picked later in the 2nd round of course. So I went with Trout. Maybe best "all around" player if you count defense (at a premium position) and speed. He of course needs complementary players as well to add value, but less so, and I thought it would be easier to find guys to knock him in than to find on base guys in front of (Cabrera or Davis). I thought Kershaw was clear number 4, and I also would have taken Tulo at 5. After that, I had no idea. Figured it would just go to personal preference.

Offense. Should be in top third in things like runs and homers. At 2B I may only hit about 10-15 homers, but every other position should be able to give me 20-25, with 3B and DH probably even higher than that. I should be able to get a lot of steals too, although at a lower pct than last year's excellence. GIDP may be a problem, but through speed and lineup construction I hope to deal with it.

Pitching and defense. Clearly this team is built to score runs. Please don't hit to my thirdbaseman! Bottom third in defense. Starting pitching looks to be about league average, with 14-14-13-12-10. Two guys are Z and one is G, so I may give up some homers. Bullpen decent enough. 20-18-17-16-15-14, with three Z, three G and an H. I have done bad with better, and good with less, so I have no idea. Prediction would have me 7th in fielding and 5th in ERA.

Best Pick. Craig. Well, all of my first five were pretty good I think. Napoli and Navarro were pretty good values. Harper, Hosmer and Sweeney got good reviews from other owners based on where they were picked.

Worst pick. Not excited about Desmond and Kipnis, but they were guys that I had identified at those positions, and both positions were really weak. Would they have made it back on next swing, I have no idea. Other than Lee, I don't know if any of my other 12 picthers were picked at the proper time or not. I just knew I needed to have guys at some point.

Prediciton. Ken is in my division, so I obviously have no chance there. But should be a strong wildcard candidate, and as we know, anything can happen in the playoffs.