Tristate Area Platypi Season Preview

Platypi Offense: I did not hit enough home runs in SL 2012, so I tried hard to draft a strong slugging offense. Granted, I didn't hit for a high enough batting average either in 2012, but that did not move me enough to draft a team to rectify that. That is a historical issue I cannot seem to address well enough in any draft. This is not quite as strong secondary average team vs. some that I have had in the past, but should be a top half secondary average team, and hoping that despite a likely lower third batting average, I can still score in the top half. We shall see.

Platypi Pitching: Have a lot of concerns about my ability to prevent runs, pitching-wise and defensively as a whole. The staff's balance would be better if I went for more non-Z starters, I am convinced. Just the same, I know I wanted Cliff Lee as my #2, so I am prepared to deal with it if he isn't super-successful. Relief staff is a fairly balanced group, but again don't quite have enough high grade guys to balance out the starting staff. I've done well with similar staffs on a couple occasions in the past, so am hopeful this is at least a middle of the pack run prevention group. We shall see.

Platypi Defense: Couple big concerns are wherever Rosario plays, especially catcher (given Sandoval and Mike Sweeney and their history as C-6's), and potential for 162 games of an 8 at SS. I am happy to have Castro, games-wise and speed-wise and batting acumen-wise (at least compared to all other SS's), but would have loved to have just plugged a SS-10 in the 9th spot in my batting order for 150-some games. I lived the JJ Hardy experience last year for half a season, and needless to say, it wasn't something I wanted to try again, especially with a more offensively challenged Hardy. Castro should be ok defensively, or ok enough, as should my catchers. And as such, the defense as a whole should be above the worst in the league. We shall see.

Platypi Other Data: Not quite the consistent speed that I wanted. Have a fair amount of fast guys on my roster, but about an equal number of slow guys. Hoping a Baltimore Special offense gets the slow afoot to still routinely touch home plate. Don't think platoon ratings are going to kill me, but we'll see about that. Think I did well to avoid alot of GIDP batting cards, but will still probably hit into many if I am playing for big innings a good deal of the time. Do I have enough of a bench? Compared to other bench players I see on my peers' rosters, definitely not. Compared to how I will be managing this group? We shall see.

Platypi team name: I laugh out loud when evil genius Heinz Doofenshmirtz rants on during his scenes in Phineas and Ferb. Doofenshmirtz is always creating a gadget (some kind of "-Inator", like a Giant Dog Biscuit-inator) to do something outlandish to try to get control of the Tristate Area (which I laugh at whenever I think about wanting to control a Tristate Area, probably similar to what my wife thinks about my plans to win the Spit Cup every year). Thankfully, Agent P, aka Perry the Platypus, usually foils his plans (to which Doofenshmirtz usually anguishes aloud, "Curse you Commissioner Ken!" err, I mean, Curse you, Perry the Platypus!"). And in doing so, laughter ensues. I especially enjoy that the show is something all my kids like to watch. Will it last for years to come, i.e., in 10 years when my kids are mostly grown, will I still find it funny? We shall see.

Good luck to all in SL 2013!