Vader @ 40
THe Taters sit +6 to .500 after 40 games and yet sit last in their division, 
so there is plenty of work to be done but we are happy with the results so 
far.  League average for BA, lower half in HR, under league avg. in OBP but 
yet # 3 in runs scored (1run back of #2), so I cant figure that math out? shrug. 
 Pitching has been the catalyst to this point, and the poor stretches we have 
had have centered around the bullpen not seeing success. Managerially, I am 
starting to get a nice feel for the pieces in place, and am starting to warm 
to a player rotation based on game situation.
Most happy... Rodney's success
Most disappointed... Montero +4  has ONE LESS caught stealing than Santana -1 
in 150 more innings!  Shocking!  Not to mention he cant hit.  TIE... Chase 
Headley batting .160/.219 with 8!! xbh playing in ALL 40, ouch.