St. Louis Pilgrims Season Preview

Team name: After seven years of Grateful Dead team names, and zero Spit Cups, I decided to go back to Panic. I've long wanted to name a team after one of my favorite songs, Pilgrims (, but never came up with a location. There is a new instrumental I like called St. Louis, so I combined the two songs for my SL2013 team name.

Offense: We wanted power this year, and did a good job getting it. Beltre, Stanton, Granderson, Desmond, Carlos Gomez, Colvin, Pujols, and Swisher all provide good power. We will hopefully lead the league in HR, because our OBP may suffer. We also have a good deal of team speed and stealing ability. Gomez B33, Desmond D30, Pujols F34, Stanton F29, Granderson F30, Rutledge E35, Eric Young D34, and our primary pinch runner Emilio Bonifacio C35 will help us in a season of weak catcher throwing.

Defense: The defense is pretty good, outside of a SS8 all year. Beltre 3B5, Pujols 1B5, Scutaro 2B8, Stanton Of2-35, Granderson OF3.31, Gomez OF3.37, and an acceptable C8+0. We also have C8+3 Jeff Mathis off the bench.

Pitching. Our weak spot. The rotation goes 13-10z-12-12-12. I am happy with the seven man bullpen of 19g, 19g, 18g, 18, 16, 16, 15H. The extra innings should help reduce some of the strain on the rotation. If we're lucky, we can manage league average run prevention.

Roster: Love our roster flexibility. Pujols 1B5/3B3, Scutaro 2B8/SS8/3B4, Rutledge SS8/2B7, Swisher OF2.32/1B3, Colvin OF2.31/1B2, and Bonifacio OF2/2B6 should give us lots of options. The entire bench can run, with Colvin's 13 speed and E27 being the low end. Lots of relief appearances and innings will at least give me the illusion of doing something on defense.

Best picks: Loved Stanton in the 2nd. Granderson 5th and Gomez 6th. Happy to get C8+3 Mathis in 12th in a really weak catching year. Eric Young 21st was great value.

Worst picks: Pujols 4th. All my pitchers, though I was glad to get three 12s in 17th/18th/19th.

Predictions: I hope I can compete, but who knows.