Agrabah Flying Carpets

Offense: One of my goals for this year’s team was to have better offensive players up the middle and at the bottom of my batting order. I hope that I accomplished this with McCutchen in center, combo of Ruiz, Grandal and Napoli at catcher and Kinsler at second. I also wanted to have more offensive punch off of the bench this year, not sure that I got this. Overall I think I should be able to score more runs than my past few teams have. I have a good mix of power and speed. Guys like LaRoche, Dunn, Naploi and Jones will clog the bases.

Pitching: kind of thin. I do have three starters that should contribute a little in Felix, Geo and Matt Latos. Billingsley would be a good #5, but he is my #4. Yu Darvish will be interesting to watch. I am not sure what to expect from him outside of giving up a lot walks and hits, but hopefully not so many home runs. Bullpen is average at best.

Defense: week at 2nd and 3rd base. Good everywhere else.

Bad draft picks: with hind site, I feel I was several rounds to early on Jose Bautista and Grandal. But at least they will be solid contributors.

Prediction: 80-82