Broadway Average Joe's Season Preview

What a draft for the SL!! Moreso than in year's past, I really think this is anyone's season. That being said, it's Ken world, we all understand, we're just living it. I recall questioning a Ken selection early on to another GM, and his response was more or less that we should be so lucky to think one questionable pick was going to be followed by more of that ilk. Like that comment and to the one's sent me, the tone of the draft was "we shall see," regarding every bit of praise or critique. Heading out of the draft now, this is where we as managers will put our GM's skill to the test.

Broadway's Offense: Probably my worst offense since Kilamanjaro set some league futility records in 2006. Definitely will have one of the worst offensive catchers in Yadier, shortstops in Yunel, and outfields with Gardner, Granderson and Heyward. The other 4 regulars, as well as my bench, will have to produce big time to elevate my team into the post-season. I know I will have a bottom third offense, but I hope I can consistently score 4 runs when my staff holds my opposition to 3. We shall see.

Broadway's Pitching: Could be near the top in the league, with some of the better starters 1 through 5, and with a good enough relief staff. Did not want to overpay for moves to first, considering I had drafted 136 games of Yadier's +6, but I don't know if my valuation of other tangible pitching components will pay the dividends I want. Pen will surely walk a bunch. How well that group will mesh with the starters and contribute to team success, we shall see.

Broadway's Defense: Didn't plan on going gonzo on defense, but should start a 46 defense often enough to resurrect Buddy Ryan into a defensive coordinator role. Outfield arms are below average, so Carlos Gomez may get much too much outfield playing time. Very pleased to have a strong catching corps -- again, hopefully they are strong enough that opposing track teams may need to put on the brakes. Yunel's 9, a huge factor in his 26th round selection, will be good for 135 games, so here's hoping Infante's 27 games as a SS-7 don't hijack my defense. We shall see if strong defense on the whole will aid in keeping this team in games.

Broadway's Other Data: Platoon ratings are too high. Speed not as strong throughout as I would have hoped, but shouldn't kill me. Decent enough secondary average, on average ... at least it appears to me to be. Maybe that is the problem with these previews, as we all think a certain way about a certain hitter or pitcher, and the truth will come out in the play. I guess we shall see if all of the parts that make up the Broadway offense can trump the opposition.

Broadway team name: I like the big underdog role, like Broadway Joe had in Super Bowl III, or like Peter LaFleur's Average Joe's gym had in the Dodgeball final. Maybe that means I should have rooted for joining this year's Division of Death?? Or maybe the Jim and Steve naysayers suggest I am no underdog at all. I don't know, but drafting a team that will struggle to score runs seem like it fits with the refrain from The Goo Goo Dolls song "Broadway" that I used for my team name:

Broadway is dark tonight
A little bit weaker than you used to be
Broadway is dark tonight
See the young man sitting
In the old man's bar
Waiting for his turn to die

Good luck to all in SL 2011!