Draft Analysis:

While looking at the available players I determined that some of the better and more desirable players were definitely limited by games and would need a complimentary player. Quite a difficult strategy as some positions were severely limited in talent such as SS. Also, the depth of the starting pitching created the unusual challenge of everyone dodging and avoiding those selections.

Offense: Should be pretty good - if all the mixing and matching that I will be required to do works. I have a lot of high quality steals available to, me from guys such as; Coco, Rollins, Pedroia, Roberts, CarGo, McDonald & Furcal. Even Huff has 11 available as a 35 - so it should be a decent mix. The biggest challenge will be balancing the J3s and J4s within the regular lineup. Power will be provided from Thome, Thames, CarGo,Huff, Rolen, Ethier, Olivo, Pedroia and Raburn. Not great but will probably be in the middle of the pack.

Pitching: King Felix and a bunch of other guys. No commitment from the GM. Hopefully will land in the middle of the pack.

Defense: No real OF arms. Overall defense should be fine other than Huff (3) and Furcal (8). I think the Olivo selection was a gamble but at least he will hit the occasional home run, steal the occasional base and throw out the occasional base runner.

Best Picks: I liked Furcal when I got him... Raburn perhaps only due to the 6 available positions . I liked King Felix in the 2nd.

Challenge selections: Quite a few J3s and 2 J4s will be the challenge. Pen is possibly the worst in the league.

If I make the playoffs it will be due to the manager. If I fail to make the playoffs it will be due to the GM and the games played limitations and the lack of a bench.