Wichita Jack Straw preview

The Draft: The consensus around the league was a 6-man tier existed at the top of the draft, which I had no chance to get. So whom among the second tier did I want to be a Jack Straw? Early in the offseason I decided Cano would get to me and I would take him. So I spent the rest of the scouting period wondering which other guy I had a chance for. I was guessing zero to 2 pitchers going before me, and had guessed that I would pass on pitching in any case. Konerko was the last chance for a big bat to get to me, and Keith took him right before my pick. Werth provided a complete package and 2nd-tier hitting, so he got the call. Hopefully Cano-Werth create a lot of runs, as they are our 2nd and 3rd hitters.

For the second straight year, we took position players in five of our first six picks, yet are depending on the pitching staff to carry the team. I'm hoping for top 3 in pitching and average to a little above average in hitting.

Defense: We have a great defense, so I'll open with it. 3-3-3 outfield, 1B5, 2B9, SS9. Third base is weak at 3 or 4, while catcher is average or below at c8+2ish. The defense is rivaled by Keith's Average Joe's. We can both start a 46 defense. While Wichita has the better OF arms (36-32-37 to 31-30-34), Broadway has the c9+6 Yadier Molina to anchor the league's best defense. Either way, our defense should be very good and immensely help the pitching.

Offense: We go five hitters deep Choo-Cano-Werth-Teixeira-Luke Scott. I convinced myself that Choo would be an excellent leadoff hitter with his four 14s with a 42, and his other skills. Now I'm not so sure. But he'll leadoff and hopefully hit and run for Cano. I loved Teix in the 3rd and Scott in the 5th. 3-headed catcher (Ramon Hernandez c8+2, Victor Martinez c8-3 and Henry Blanco c8+6) should provide decent enough production. Third base was a train wreck yet Brooks Conrad/3B4 Ian Stewart should give us a tiny bit. SS9 Alexei Ramirez and of3.32 Chris B. Young provide a lot of games, defense, power, and speed at two tough positions. We're also hoping for big things from Andruw Jones off the bench. Average to above average offense may be attainable.

Pitching: Despite waiting in the draft, we did manage to snag a 15-14-14 top of the rotation (Cahill p15+1, Hudson p14+3, Sabathia pL14y+0) that will hopefully provide some solid innings. Braden 11z and Pineiro 9z will hopefully be ok. Solid bullpen 24-19h-16z-15z-13z-L13h with good innings. Defense counts heavily in hoping for a top 3 pitching finish.

Best picks: Teixeira in the 3rd, Luke Scott in the 5th, Chris Young in the 9th, Alexei in the 11th, Andruw in the 21st. Any pitcher. I love a good Hudson 14-Sabathia 14 or McClellan 16z-Capps 15z swing. I had a lot of guys I liked.

Worst picks: Choo? Hernandez 10th. Ogando 14th.

Season outlook: I like my team. Both in quality and in style. We have good speed, good power, good walking, good stealing, good average. Very good defense. Good pitching surrounded by a good defense. I think we can win more than 81. I will go out on a limb and predict the Molsen Legends Division will have the highest winning percentage.

Good luck to all, have a great SL2011!