Cool Colorado Rain11/10/20109:04:36 PMevening all
Porchtown Goodtimers11/10/20109:08:19 PMhi
chris klein11/10/20109:33:12 PMken playing for a sweep?
chris klein11/10/20109:41:03 PMis anyone there? matt? greg?
chris klein11/10/20109:43:17 PMno hits for utley
chris klein11/10/20109:45:11 PMbut suzuki is mr. postseason
chris klein11/10/20109:49:42 PMzobrist twice!!
chris klein11/10/20109:51:13 PMlaird with a season high two hits in the same game
chris klein11/10/20109:51:51 PMsuzuki production currently 1.150
chris klein11/10/20109:53:36 PMteahen too early maybe??
chris klein11/10/20109:56:07 PMuribe. (wait for it) big dong
chris klein11/10/20109:57:51 PMno give up in grahams team
chris klein11/10/20109:58:55 PMken needs 6 outs
chris klein11/10/201010:00:52 PMbig hit for coughlan
chris klein11/10/201010:02:28 PMhate that play
chris klein11/10/201010:03:17 PMtied up. graham needs to hold pujols
chris klein11/10/201010:03:28 PMand lee and jones
chris klein11/10/201010:04:22 PMit didnt happen
Cool Colorado Rain11/10/201010:06:30 PMi'm here
Cool Colorado Rain11/10/201010:06:35 PMseries?
chris klein11/10/201010:07:29 PMmanny unavailable? apparently
chris klein11/10/201010:07:38 PMcongrats to ken
chris klein11/10/201010:07:42 PMand graham
Matt Klein11/10/201010:07:45 PMCongrats Ken
Cool Colorado Rain11/10/201010:07:48 PMgraham sweep?
Matt Klein11/10/201010:07:48 PMno doubt!
Cool Colorado Rain11/10/201010:07:55 PMi mean ken
Matt Klein11/10/201010:08:02 PM4-1
chris klein11/10/201010:08:02 PM8 titles between these guys in last ten years?
chris klein11/10/201010:08:27 PMmaybe they should sit out next year
Matt Klein11/10/201010:08:28 PM2 huge Uribe hits in the first two games
Ken Klein11/10/201010:08:33 PMwoo hoo!
Cool Colorado Rain11/10/201010:11:55 PMcongrats ken
Cool Colorado Rain11/10/201010:12:02 PMcongrats to graham on another good season
Cool Colorado Rain11/10/201010:12:09 PMtoo bad you're now only 7-1 all time