Steve Swinea11/1/20108:37:14 PMMiss SL in the house
Steve Swinea11/1/20108:42:32 PMUpton coming through for Greg especially against a lefty would be nice
Steve Swinea11/1/20108:43:13 PMSwing
Steve Swinea11/1/20108:45:57 PMCompany?
This Old Cub11/1/20108:46:28 PMhola, hope you are feeling well
This Old Cub11/1/20108:46:35 PMas jocko conlan used to say
Steve Swinea11/1/20108:46:50 PM95%
Steve Swinea11/1/20108:47:26 PMYou missed the 5 minute Cain / WP analysis by manager Nims
This Old Cub11/1/20108:47:38 PMha!
Steve Swinea11/1/20108:48:19 PMKen scored the 3rd run pinch hitting for Abreu with Jones
Steve Swinea11/1/20108:48:28 PMJones scored the run on an error.
Steve Swinea11/1/20108:48:40 PMIdentify yourself, please.
This Old Cub11/1/20108:49:31 PMbuzzard "muffin" johnson
Steve Swinea11/1/20108:49:49 PMThought I heard a fresh DING
Steve Swinea11/1/20108:50:13 PMTroncoso got some CY consideration from me.
Steve Swinea11/1/20108:50:20 PMAlong with Mark Lowe.
Steve Swinea11/1/20108:51:22 PMLove the Commisioner.
Steve Swinea11/1/20108:51:32 PMNice line up moves
This Old Cub11/1/20108:52:25 PMinsurance run would have been sweet
This Old Cub11/1/20108:52:38 PMif you love the commish
Steve Swinea11/1/20108:53:19 PMWill Upton ever come through?
Steve Swinea11/1/20108:53:37 PMAt least he got him 4 or 5 rounds after Cuddyer
Steve Swinea11/1/20108:54:21 PMGo Survivormen go! Go Survivormen go! Hey Grenada what do you say? the Survivormen are going to win today!
chris klein11/1/20108:54:47 PMnice song
Steve Swinea11/1/20108:56:47 PMHello, Chris.
This Old Cub11/1/20108:57:08 PMwho all is chatting?
Steve Swinea11/1/20108:57:23 PM2 Kleins and a Commisioner Loyalist
Steve Swinea11/1/20108:58:10 PMHBoC castoffs huge in a game 1 win for Ken
chris klein11/1/20108:58:14 PMunapologetic commissioner loyalist
This Old Cub11/1/20108:58:29 PMthat is how ken makes his playoff push every year
Steve Swinea11/1/20108:58:45 PMTake notes
This Old Cub11/1/20108:58:58 PMsteals from the steve
Steve Swinea11/1/20108:59:35 PMStay
chris klein11/1/20108:59:47 PMwoof
This Old Cub11/1/20109:00:06 PMutley fielding like he did in MLB playoffs
Steve Swinea11/1/20109:00:16 PMThis game is realistic
Steve Swinea11/1/20109:00:51 PMI can hear Nims
This Old Cub11/1/20109:00:58 PMhow many games can harris play CF this series?
chris klein11/1/20109:01:07 PM9
Steve Swinea11/1/20109:01:07 PM2?
Steve Swinea11/1/20109:01:31 PMI actually drafted hanson in Detroit
Steve Swinea11/1/20109:02:00 PMTonk said going for the non Z 13 over the 11 Z and i double looked at my notes and saw Wells.
Steve Swinea11/1/20109:02:12 PMAsked him to hold and went with wells
chris klein11/1/20109:02:37 PMgood story dj
Steve Swinea11/1/20109:03:39 PMThat sounded nothing like hawk
chris klein11/1/20109:03:52 PMfarmer. yes
Steve Swinea11/1/20109:04:16 PMI'm going to look that up. he says that a lot.
chris klein11/1/20109:04:59 PM98 down the middle. what kind of pitch was that darren?
Steve Swinea11/1/20109:05:18 PMThat too!
Steve Swinea11/1/20109:05:35 PMAnd he's an ex pitcher
chris klein11/1/20109:05:47 PMken predicted a low scoring series
Steve Swinea11/1/20109:05:56 PMI predicted a Ken win
Steve Swinea11/1/20109:06:39 PMGreg did not do any line up cahnges in game 1 unlike during the reguklar season bringing guys off the bench early and often
This Old Cub11/1/20109:07:01 PMwaiting for the right time to unleash bloomquist
chris klein11/1/20109:07:14 PMmore limits now maybe?
Steve Swinea11/1/20109:07:38 PMCould be
This Old Cub11/1/20109:08:15 PMbourn sucked. that's why i traded him
Steve Swinea11/1/20109:08:54 PMPoor man's Willy taveras
chris klein11/1/20109:09:34 PMblack hawks lost
chris klein11/1/20109:09:42 PMbulls up big in 4th
chris klein11/1/20109:09:51 PMgiants 3-1 in 8th
chris klein11/1/20109:09:58 PMcolts lead at the half
This Old Cub11/1/20109:10:22 PMi would run for youk
chris klein11/1/20109:10:28 PMwelcome graham
This Old Cub11/1/20109:10:30 PMor not
This Old Cub11/1/20109:10:40 PMno chance for a single, i guess
Steve Swinea11/1/20109:10:43 PMHow do you know it's graham?
Porchtown Goodtimers11/1/20109:10:46 PMhello
chris klein11/1/20109:10:57 PMi am the commissioners brother
Steve Swinea11/1/20109:11:06 PMCongratulations on your series victory
chris klein11/1/20109:11:15 PMthank you
Porchtown Goodtimers11/1/20109:11:26 PMthank you
This Old Cub11/1/20109:11:31 PMare you talking about my season series win over you, steve?
This Old Cub11/1/20109:11:34 PMthank you
Porchtown Goodtimers11/1/20109:11:42 PMgame 1?
Steve Swinea11/1/20109:11:45 PMOnly team i beat was Greg's
Steve Swinea11/1/20109:11:51 PMKen up 1-0
This Old Cub11/1/20109:11:51 PM1-0 commish
Steve Swinea11/1/20109:11:55 PMhe won 3-2
chris klein11/1/20109:11:58 PMken won game one 3-2
Porchtown Goodtimers11/1/20109:12:02 PMtight games
This Old Cub11/1/20109:12:03 PM3-2
Steve Swinea11/1/20109:12:24 PMPH
Steve Swinea11/1/20109:13:05 PMSure. Don't listen to Miss SL.
Porchtown Goodtimers11/1/20109:13:07 PMOMG
Steve Swinea11/1/20109:13:20 PMThat's what Greg said!
Porchtown Goodtimers11/1/20109:13:30 PMbiggest hit by a suzuki in th epostseason
chris klein11/1/20109:13:31 PMwtf is more likely
This Old Cub11/1/20109:13:47 PMi just walked away. suzuki homered?
Porchtown Goodtimers11/1/20109:13:54 PMsi
Steve Swinea11/1/20109:14:11 PMAfter I said to PH and ken was looking to
Steve Swinea11/1/20109:14:45 PMNapoli'
Steve Swinea11/1/20109:14:53 PMBlanks
chris klein11/1/20109:16:35 PMwow
Steve Swinea11/1/20109:16:45 PMI suck at this game
Porchtown Goodtimers11/1/20109:17:08 PMDEX!!!
Steve Swinea11/1/20109:17:13 PMKen says WTF!
Porchtown Goodtimers11/1/20109:17:16 PMwow, good game
chris klein11/1/20109:17:29 PMmasset sucks
Ken Klein11/1/20109:17:55 PMyes
Steve Swinea11/1/20109:18:52 PMKen breaks in for an in game chat. Nice.
Steve Swinea11/1/20109:19:02 PMHBoC castoff YOUNG
Porchtown Goodtimers11/1/20109:19:05 PMonly the commish
chris klein11/1/20109:19:54 PMi want 15 innings!
Steve Swinea11/1/20109:21:15 PMIW
Steve Swinea11/1/20109:22:59 PMWould you settle for 10?
Porchtown Goodtimers11/1/20109:23:28 PMwhat do you mean its just getting good
Steve Swinea11/1/20109:23:39 PMIt's over
Porchtown Goodtimers11/1/20109:23:59 PMyou got one thing right this game steve
Steve Swinea11/1/20109:24:28 PMI'm on a roll
Steve Swinea11/1/20109:24:47 PMWho goes first Sl 2011?
Porchtown Goodtimers11/1/20109:25:04 PM[Private] 1-1 big win there!
chris klein11/1/20109:29:59 PMi wont
chris klein11/1/20109:30:32 PMgiants world champs
Porchtown Goodtimers11/1/20109:31:34 PMlincecum and brian wilson win it all
Steve Swinea11/1/20109:31:43 PMGo crazy, SF!
Porchtown Goodtimers11/1/20109:31:46 PMi like the sound of that
chris klein11/1/20109:32:34 PMellsbury is due
This Old Cub11/1/20109:33:20 PMellsbury fell asleep at the plate
chris klein11/1/20109:34:00 PMgood one
Steve Swinea11/1/20109:34:39 PMEthier due
Steve Swinea11/1/20109:34:57 PMHe started fast for Ken in SL 2010 and petered
chris klein11/1/20109:36:30 PMfielder "chugs"
Porchtown Goodtimers11/1/20109:36:44 PMhe was due
chris klein11/1/20109:36:49 PMmvp
This Old Cub11/1/20109:38:06 PMpujols injured?
Steve Swinea11/1/20109:38:14 PMNope.
This Old Cub11/1/20109:38:17 PMharris injured, ok
Steve Swinea11/1/20109:38:18 PMHarris
Steve Swinea11/1/20109:38:25 PMGone for the series
chris klein11/1/20109:40:15 PMnapoli has been big
Steve Swinea11/1/20109:40:22 PMYes he has
This Old Cub11/1/20109:40:30 PMunlike last post-season
Porchtown Goodtimers11/1/20109:40:38 PMguy on first looking for an identity
Steve Swinea11/1/20109:40:44 PMLet's see how he's up for Bourn
Porchtown Goodtimers11/1/20109:41:06 PMBS
Steve Swinea11/1/20109:42:00 PMBourn Sucks?
This Old Cub11/1/20109:42:07 PMsi
Porchtown Goodtimers11/1/20109:42:15 PMbourn stupid
This Old Cub11/1/20109:42:53 PMthat was like the bloomquist single in 2006
Steve Swinea11/1/20109:43:08 PMWhat? Upton's HR?
Porchtown Goodtimers11/1/20109:43:23 PMi couldn't believe that willie b is white
Porchtown Goodtimers11/1/20109:43:40 PMthought he was black for a long time
chris klein11/1/20109:44:03 PMruns like he is
Steve Swinea11/1/20109:44:48 PMHome and second
Steve Swinea11/1/20109:46:02 PM2-1 Nims
Porchtown Goodtimers11/1/20109:46:28 PMi'm hoping for 7 games
This Old Cub11/1/20109:46:58 PMyou don't have to answer, but are you rooting for xxx to win in 7? or just the 7?
Steve Swinea11/1/20109:47:14 PMHe wants Ken
Porchtown Goodtimers11/1/20109:47:41 PMjust 7
Steve Swinea11/1/20109:48:27 PMPressure on Ken to win this to avoid going down 3-1.
Steve Swinea11/1/20109:48:51 PMHistory says you beat Ken. Greg? Who knows.
Porchtown Goodtimers11/1/20109:49:49 PMhistory says that i beat ken 3 times, not that i will again
Porchtown Goodtimers11/1/20109:51:53 PMalthough history says that i went 11-8 vs ken and 7-12 vs greg
Porchtown Goodtimers11/1/20109:52:02 PMso GO KEN!
Steve Swinea11/1/20109:52:28 PMI noticed that too
Porchtown Goodtimers11/1/20109:53:23 PMkurt es en fuego
chris klein11/1/20109:54:06 PMdid he say syanara?
chris klein11/1/20109:57:32 PMouch
Steve Swinea11/1/20109:57:59 PMGoofy plays. What can are you going to do?
chris klein11/1/20109:58:28 PMit isn't what it is not
This Old Cub11/1/201010:03:29 PMbourn sucks
This Old Cub11/1/201010:03:43 PMcall him bjorn
Steve Swinea11/1/201010:03:50 PMYeah. Let's get those out of the way now.
Steve Swinea11/1/201010:04:30 PMI was surprised Bjorn was white
Porchtown Goodtimers11/1/201010:05:05 PMeverybody in sweeden is white
Steve Swinea11/1/201010:08:48 PMNoah?
chris klein11/1/201010:11:32 PMbig chance here
This Old Cub11/1/201010:11:47 PMseries MVP at the plate
Porchtown Goodtimers11/1/201010:12:00 PMthat's yannick noah, not bjorn borg
chris klein11/1/201010:12:04 PMkjurt
Steve Swinea11/1/201010:13:00 PMDa Commish!
Porchtown Goodtimers11/1/201010:13:01 PMwow, large stones there
Steve Swinea11/1/201010:13:21 PMKen knows it's just a game
chris klein11/1/201010:14:32 PMkc scoreboard going crazy
Porchtown Goodtimers11/1/201010:14:33 PMnow noah is pitching
Porchtown Goodtimers11/1/201010:14:54 PMbig E
Steve Swinea11/1/201010:15:32 PMKen needs to get to Pujols
chris klein11/1/201010:15:38 PMelvin hayes?
Porchtown Goodtimers11/1/201010:20:59 PMjim no like that play
chris klein11/1/201010:22:11 PMken no stretch?
Steve Swinea11/1/201010:22:14 PMIt was a good call by Nims. Upton all too frequently dissappoints
This Old Cub11/1/201010:22:38 PMpinch run for jacoby
chris klein11/1/201010:22:57 PM2 attepts
This Old Cub11/1/201010:23:07 PMsorry, thought it was brook jacoby
chris klein11/1/201010:23:14 PMper game
chris klein11/1/201010:24:17 PM39
Steve Swinea11/1/201010:24:54 PMNot a lot of success H&Ring for ken tonight
chris klein11/1/201010:25:29 PMor with bullpen
Porchtown Goodtimers11/1/201010:26:13 PMi agree, bullpen has been not so good
Steve Swinea11/1/201010:28:40 PMIs there a game 7? I say yes
chris klein11/1/201010:29:33 PMi will let you kno after this one
Porchtown Goodtimers11/1/201010:30:14 PMmaybe, but will it go 15?
chris klein11/1/201010:30:43 PMthat would be awesome
Ken Klein11/1/201010:30:45 PMi love it when my offense completely disappears in the playoffs
Steve Swinea11/1/201010:31:03 PMPujols and Lee
Ken Klein11/1/201010:31:09 PM??
Steve Swinea11/1/201010:31:25 PMThey need to start driving in runs
Steve Swinea11/1/201010:32:20 PMThe H&Ring isn't working out too well for you either
chris klein11/1/201010:32:30 PMmccarver said you need to outscore greg to win this one
Steve Swinea11/1/201010:33:11 PMNext ne too
Steve Swinea11/1/201010:36:48 PMThat's his 3rd H&R DP
Steve Swinea11/1/201010:36:54 PMMaybe 4th
chris klein11/1/201010:40:12 PMbj
Porchtown Goodtimers11/1/201010:40:21 PMare you sure?
Steve Swinea11/1/201010:40:36 PMGreg's little guys
This Old Cub11/1/201010:41:23 PMwow
Steve Swinea11/1/201010:42:38 PMFINALEE!
Porchtown Goodtimers11/1/201010:42:39 PMWoW
Porchtown Goodtimers11/1/201010:42:52 PMgood one steve
Porchtown Goodtimers11/1/201010:43:04 PMhow long have you been sitting on that one
Steve Swinea11/1/201010:43:14 PMI was typing it as he was clicking to swing. the man was due.
Steve Swinea11/1/201010:45:01 PMThis is where Farmer starts talking about a pitcher having a bucket behind the mound and they are gathering outs to put in the bucket.
Steve Swinea11/1/201010:45:22 PMIt's Ok to steal or move up a base just get an out too
Steve Swinea11/1/201010:46:04 PM4th or 5th H&R DP for Ken
Steve Swinea11/1/201010:46:24 PMGraham, you get your game 7 wish
Porchtown Goodtimers11/1/201010:47:08 PMSo settle in, we've got us a Game 7!!
Porchtown Goodtimers11/1/201010:47:22 PMgood luck to both
Steve Swinea11/1/201010:47:43 PMGOOOOOOOOOOOO . . . . . . KEN!!!!!!
Steve Swinea11/1/201010:50:18 PMDo you start Blanks over Upton?
chris klein11/1/201010:50:44 PMi dont make it this far
Steve Swinea11/1/201010:51:13 PMI hate Molina behind Fielder
This Old Cub11/1/201010:52:18 PMbetter than rollins 5th
Steve Swinea11/1/201010:55:43 PMMarquis on the mound?
chris klein11/1/201010:57:08 PMmarquis was due---for a cg
Steve Swinea11/1/201011:00:04 PMKen will score 2 runs here
Steve Swinea11/1/201011:01:16 PMTrons or Hawkins
Steve Swinea11/1/201011:01:38 PMLean towards Kawkins
Steve Swinea11/1/201011:01:46 PMHawkins
chris klein11/1/201011:02:11 PMtron for 2 ip
Steve Swinea11/1/201011:05:08 PMPlain ole swing
chris klein11/1/201011:06:04 PMmolina 5th
Steve Swinea11/1/201011:06:04 PMHoly Cheese
chris klein11/1/201011:07:28 PMkoyie!
chris klein11/1/201011:08:18 PMsteve might say
chris klein11/1/201011:08:26 PMKOYES!!!
Steve Swinea11/1/201011:08:27 PMKen has to leave him in. Doesn't have to but should
Steve Swinea11/1/201011:08:53 PMJim might say KoyiE
Steve Swinea11/1/201011:09:05 PMKOyIE
Steve Swinea11/1/201011:09:53 PMFeel a double?
chris klein11/1/201011:10:01 PMno
Steve Swinea11/1/201011:10:15 PMEllsbury was up last time during a 10 minute break
Steve Swinea11/1/201011:10:42 PMBe huge if Young faces Herrera
chris klein11/1/201011:10:48 PMhe was iced again
Steve Swinea11/1/201011:11:15 PMHuger if he faces hawkins
This Old Cub11/1/201011:12:02 PMHBoC factor for Young
chris klein11/1/201011:12:12 PMmore hugerest
Steve Swinea11/1/201011:12:20 PMAin't it the truth
This Old Cub11/1/201011:12:44 PMfowler over/under for series hits?
Steve Swinea11/1/201011:12:53 PMAbout 11 over
Steve Swinea11/1/201011:13:24 PMWhat I would have guessed
Steve Swinea11/1/201011:16:13 PMWOW!
Steve Swinea11/1/201011:16:24 PMH&Chug
Steve Swinea11/1/201011:16:48 PMBlanks
Steve Swinea11/1/201011:16:55 PMIzzy
Steve Swinea11/1/201011:17:00 PMLittle guys
chris klein11/1/201011:17:32 PMpark last p?
Steve Swinea11/1/201011:17:39 PMNot sure
Steve Swinea11/1/201011:17:45 PMGarza
chris klein11/1/201011:17:51 PM5th starter maybe too
Steve Swinea11/1/201011:18:36 PMIzzy doubles but does Blanks HR on that?
This Old Cub11/1/201011:19:42 PMgreat series
chris klein11/1/201011:19:42 PMhill mvp
Porchtown Goodtimers11/1/201011:19:46 PMwow great game
Steve Swinea11/1/201011:19:47 PMBourn with the last out.
chris klein11/1/201011:19:55 PMnice job both
Steve Swinea11/1/201011:19:56 PMGreat series
chris klein11/1/201011:20:05 PMgood night
Steve Swinea11/1/201011:20:20 PMGraham VS Ken
Steve Swinea11/1/201011:20:46 PMCongratulations to both Greg and Ken