Steve Swinea12/2/20099:03 PMOH MY! Harris!
Jim Frank12/2/20099:04 PMgame one? i was scouting.
Steve Swinea12/2/20099:04 PMWhen i connected the game was in the 3rd inning already. What happened?
Steve Swinea12/2/20099:04 PMDying for a Firkin burger and anything on tap
Steve Swinea12/2/20099:05 PMI know but i have internet now
Steve Swinea12/2/20099:05 PMNext year we'll play it there
Steve Swinea12/2/20099:07 PMELLIS!
Steve Swinea12/2/20099:08 PMI'm rooting and cheering for keith but how can you not give it up for Graham?
Jim Frank12/2/20099:08 PMscientifically, Graham should win btw.
Steve Swinea12/2/20099:09 PMI disagree
Jim Frank12/2/20099:09 PMhitters rnd 1 & 2 done, and done
Steve Swinea12/2/20099:10 PMHA!
Steve Swinea12/2/20099:10 PMGO KEITH!
Jim Frank12/2/20099:11 PMcan we confirm that was game ONE?
chris klein12/2/20099:12 PMthis is greinke, so yes
Steve Swinea12/2/20099:12 PMBasler's boy Ellis with the go ahead solo shot.
Jim Frank12/2/20099:13 PMhitting, hitting, hitting. the cornerstone of any spit cup winner
Coconut Grove Jacks12/2/20099:13 PMvolquez injured in the 1st for 6
chris klein12/2/20099:13 PMso you were only scouting hitters today?
Jim Frank12/2/20099:14 PMwhich is why my first 6 picks in 2010 will be 1st basemen.
chris klein12/2/20099:16 PMfyi-- i beat graham all three times we played this year
Steve Swinea12/2/20099:19 PMI did too
Steve Swinea12/2/20099:19 PMOr maybe it was 2 of 3 series.
Jim Frank12/2/20099:27 PMbig 3 outs for durbin there
Jim Frank12/2/20099:31 PMMussina in his final start ever must come up BIG!
Steve Swinea12/2/20099:32 PMAgreed. Although lee going the distance gives Keith some bullpen.
Steve Swinea12/2/20099:32 PMMussina, as good as he was in SL 2009, only had 6 CG's.
Jim Frank12/2/20099:44 PMan E4 to lead off the 8thwould be big
Jim Frank12/2/20099:44 PMnope
Steve Swinea12/2/20099:44 PMGraham, Mr. SL Post season
Jim Frank12/2/20099:45 PMwow!
Steve Swinea12/2/20099:45 PMGILES!!!!!
Steve Swinea12/2/20099:48 PMWhat a game!
chris klein12/2/20099:49 PMmatt would have held him
Steve Swinea12/2/20099:50 PMHA!
Jim Frank12/2/20099:52 PMpumped up range factors!!
chris klein12/2/20099:56 PMutley has sucked. all year
chris klein12/2/20099:59 PMnever easy!!!
chris klein12/2/200910:01 PMfirst to win at home wins series
chris klein12/2/200910:01 PM???
chris klein12/2/200910:26 PMwow. ho can you not love this game
chris klein12/2/200910:26 PMhow
Jim Frank12/2/200910:27 PMi thought you were going off on a chan HO speech
chris klein12/2/200910:37 PMfree agent catcher if there is games 6 and 7?
Jim Frank12/2/200910:37 PMboth hannigan and teagarden are done?
chris klein12/2/200910:39 PMteagarden probably has limited PA
chris klein12/2/200910:39 PMhanigan? one more appearance?
chris klein12/2/200910:54 PMcan graham beat Lee again????
Steve Swinea12/2/200910:54 PMnope
Steve Swinea12/2/200910:55 PMquick guess aj
chris klein12/2/200911:11 PMJOHJIMA!!
Steve Swinea12/2/200911:12 PMit's like Johjima is auditioning for SL 2010 tonight
Steve Swinea12/2/200911:15 PMIs announcing a game 7 now taboo?
chris klein12/2/200911:16 PMvolquez can pitch game 8
Terral Pin Station12/2/200911:16 PMfirst game 7 since 2002
Steve Swinea12/2/200911:17 PMI'm heading over to Burgundy now
Terral Pin Station12/2/200911:18 PMcliff lee comes up big in 2nd chance
chris klein12/2/200911:18 PMis that near Grant Park?
Steve Swinea12/2/200911:19 PMNims and i played a series right next to grant park once.
Terral Pin Station12/2/200911:19 PMZion repeats in marathon Game 7 The Commish defends his title with a 15 inning victory In a game too improbable for fiction, the Zion Nuclear Gnatts overcame Jamie Moyer's 7 innings of no-hit ball to beat the Savoy Truffles in 15 innings and win the Summer League World Series 4 games to 3. Moyer took a no-hitter into the bottom of the 8th leading 3-0, but the Gnatts' bats awoke to score 3 and tie the game. Savoy scored single runs in the 11th and 12th, and 2 runs in the 13th, only to see the home team tie it up in the bottom of each frame. In the bottom of the 15th, Jose Cruz, who tripled in the 8th to break up the no-hitter and homered in the 12th to tie it, drove in the winning run to make a winner of Mike Hampton and his 2 1/3 scoreless innings.
Steve Swinea12/2/200911:20 PMUm, Chris is online, greg.
Terral Pin Station12/2/200911:20 PMi know, sorry about that chris
Steve Swinea12/2/200911:20 PMGraham has never lost a post season series versus keith going for his first physical Spit Cup. I'm going to bed.
Jim Frank12/2/200911:21 PMjust when we all were congratulating graham, Karma stepped in and smacked us around.
Jim Frank12/2/200911:21 PMJohjima!? whats up w/ that?
chris klein12/2/200911:21 PMEPIC!
Steve Swinea12/2/200911:22 PM[Private] LET'S GO, KEITH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Steve Swinea12/2/200911:22 PM[Private] GREAT LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
chris klein12/2/200911:22 PMI'll tell you what Wimpy, I luv Game 7
Steve Swinea12/2/200911:23 PMif Blanco can play this game, I start him.
Jim Frank12/2/200911:23 PMif a guy can pick up any old scrub off the trash pile, Blanco should be able to play
Steve Swinea12/2/200911:24 PMHA!
Steve Swinea12/2/200911:24 PMBut you're correct.
Jim Frank12/2/200911:25 PMat least graham has the fastest pitcher in the league on the mound. too bad it wont be decided by a foot race
Steve Swinea12/2/200911:25 PMI had hudson whoo is also a 15
Jim Frank12/2/200911:26 PMwell, if jurjens pulls a hammy, im thinking it would be fair to make a trade between innings
Steve Swinea12/2/200911:27 PMStrap her up!
chris klein12/2/200911:27 PMhawpe on bench. he has been huge
Jim Frank12/2/200911:27 PMhawpe and reyes have led the anchors for sure
Steve Swinea12/2/200911:28 PMagreed but i like his starting line up
Jim Frank12/2/200911:28 PMyour a keith appologist though
Steve Swinea12/2/200911:28 PMWell i mean he's great and all
Terral Pin Station12/2/200911:29 PM14 years since his last cup
Jim Frank12/2/200911:29 PMMussina, the 12 z and my #1 cy vote getter in game 7
Terral Pin Station12/2/200911:29 PMwow, weird to say that
Steve Swinea12/2/200911:29 PMMoose was 4th on my ballot
Terral Pin Station12/2/200911:30 PMjim, you're a keith apologist
Steve Swinea12/2/200911:31 PMwonder how long Jurjens has to go
chris klein12/2/200911:31 PMcant hit and run with johjima
Steve Swinea12/2/200911:31 PMwas keith allowed to H&R?
Terral Pin Station12/2/200911:33 PMKEITH CHEATS WAY TO SPIT CUP
Steve Swinea12/2/200911:33 PMPENA!
Steve Swinea12/2/200911:35 PMGraham is back
chris klein12/2/200911:36 PMNUNEZ!
Steve Swinea12/2/200911:36 PMWerth due for a big hit
chris klein12/2/200911:38 PMso is braun
Steve Swinea12/2/200911:39 PMNo power # at 44 this year. he'll have a monster SL2010
chris klein12/2/200911:39 PMbig platoon
Steve Swinea12/2/200911:41 PMdon't like the in
Steve Swinea12/2/200911:42 PMput ellis out there and steal thrid
Steve Swinea12/2/200911:42 PMor not
Steve Swinea12/2/200911:43 PMwonderful Spit Cup series
Steve Swinea12/2/200911:44 PMOMG!
Terral Pin Station12/2/200911:46 PMthe walkoff is now a possibility
Jim Frank12/2/200911:47 PMim going to bed, let me know how it ends
Steve Swinea12/2/200911:47 PMthanks, chip
Terral Pin Station12/2/200911:47 PMlaf
Steve Swinea12/2/200911:47 PMtake the walkoff possibility off for now
Steve Swinea12/2/200911:47 PManother magnificient game 7
Terral Pin Station12/2/200911:48 PMthanks, vin
Terral Pin Station12/2/200911:49 PMbig bunt
Steve Swinea12/2/200911:49 PMWOW!
Steve Swinea12/2/200911:49 PMNot to your big bunt comment but beltrAN'S single
Terral Pin Station12/2/200911:49 PMmanram fails
Terral Pin Station12/2/200911:49 PMmcab?
Steve Swinea12/2/200911:50 PMI'd p;itch to him
Terral Pin Station12/2/200911:51 PMwoah
Terral Pin Station12/2/200911:51 PMwoah
Steve Swinea12/2/200911:51 PMi think it's over
Terral Pin Station12/2/200911:51 PMthey're engraving the spit cup as we type
chris klein12/2/200911:52 PMfloyd not eligible
Steve Swinea12/2/200911:52 PM[Private] I'm sorry, Keith. Keep it going!
Terral Pin Station12/2/200911:52 PMstarter 2 days ago or something?
Steve Swinea12/2/200911:52 PMis that correct about floyd
Terral Pin Station12/2/200911:53 PMgraham world champs
Terral Pin Station12/2/200911:53 PM!
chris klein12/2/200911:53 PMstarted game 5
chris klein12/2/200911:53 PMCONGRATS GRAHAM
Steve Swinea12/2/200911:53 PMwas he out of BP innings and the starter from 2 days ago comes in
Coconut Grove Jacks12/2/200911:54 PMthanks
Coconut Grove Jacks12/2/200911:54 PMcorrect steve
Steve Swinea12/2/200911:54 PMMan, Graham. CONGRATULATIONS! You are the man.
This Old Cub12/2/200911:54 PMfloyd came in became of innings usage ... nothing specific in that instance (like wagner incident) in our rules, but we talked about it beforehand
Terral Pin Station12/2/200911:54 PMCongrats, Graham!
Jim Frank12/2/200911:54 PMwow!
Steve Swinea12/2/200911:54 PMAnd keith, I feel for you
This Old Cub12/2/200911:54 PMgraham, congrats
Jim Frank12/2/200911:54 PMgreat season everyone. Now scout like a demon
Coconut Grove Jacks12/2/200911:55 PMthat may jump into the top four finals of all time
Steve Swinea12/2/200911:55 PMJust an unbelievable performance from your team, Graham.
chris klein12/2/200911:55 PM#2
Ken Klein12/2/200911:56 PMyeah. #2
Ken Klein12/2/200911:56 PMCongrats to Graham. I think I can drop off the Spit Cup on Sat...