SL 2008 GM Conferences

During conferences, teachers often discuss poor grades, and offer solutions to parents and students. With conferences looming tomorrow, I am going to practice various conference strategies with some of the GM's who may be disappointed with the results of their "Draft ACT."

One possible scenario:

It's good to see you (insert GM's name here). By this time, you have had the chance to look at the Draft-Grading Scale. I realize on the surface that you only scored a (insert % here). I know that this is a wake-up call, but the good news is that it is really early in the year. We have all sorts of tools at our disposal: trades; free-agent drafts; Pankin Optimizers! I guarantee, if you put your nose to the grindstone, you will improve. I'm not saying you will be in the "91-92" win range, but you will see some improvement. It all starts with a good attitude and hard work.

Scenario # 2:

I'm really glad you scheduled a conference (insert GM's name here). To tell you the truth, I'm not really concerned about your Draft Grade. It's just one component of life. You know, when I was a kid, I wanted to be like the Klein brothers. I wanted a brain that worked like a calculator. I wanted to compute relief innings and stolen bases x 1.5 in light speed. I wanted to attract women just like they did. I wanted to drive a car forward as good as they did in reverse.

But you know what I realized as I got older? Not everyone can be a Klein. Life just doesn't work that way. I need a calculator. I need a woman with poor taste in men. I sometimes drive "tentatively."

What does all this mean? In life, school, the world, you have to pick your battles. We can't all get the top score on the "Draft Grading Scale." Not everyone can get into the University of Iowa. Not everyone needs college to succeed. There are plenty of vocations that are technical and challenging, and provide wonderful income opportunities; there are other baseball hobbies out there; not everyone is cut out for the S.L. There is rotisserie baseball, fantasy baseball, and even video baseball like Wii. I think you are a kinisthetic learner - you should try Wii. I bet you'd be really amazed at how well you do at it. Hey?? Why all the tears? It'll be okay. Where are you going?

Scenario #3.

I have to tell you (insert G.M.'s name here), I am really disappointed in your draft grade. Why? Let's take a look. On the surface, you earned a possible 77 wins. You think that's acceptable? You forget, I have seen hundreds if not thousands of draft picks. You are not drafting to your potential. You sit there like you don't care, but I know deep down inside you do. Look, you are wasting your time and my time here. Do you really want to let another whole season go by and completely waste it? Listen my friend, and listen carefully. You are on the wrong road, and that road is leading you to a dangerous place.

You think I don't know the cause of your "under-achievement?" Maybe you ought to take a look at not only your draft choices, but some of the choices you are making in your personal life as well, because they are really affecting your draft and S.L. achievement. And if I can see it, your fellow G.M.s can certainly see it. You think these choices are cool, but let me tell you, you will pay the price some day.

Let me know when you decide to make a commitment. Otherwise, I'll see you crawling around the floor for stale Oke-Doke in ten years.