1. End FFA 152 2. 1-game relief rules 3. Each team is responsible for 25 games/month 4. 8% SP playoffs 5. Position Players (J0,J1,J2) get one additional G for one-game playoff
Steve Yes B Obsolete No
Dave Yes A No No
Gregg abstain abstain abstain abstain
Greg Yes A No No Yes
Ken Yes B Do his best No
Chris Yes B Obsolete Weak no
Matt Yes B Obsolete No
Graham Yes B Dead No
Keith Yes abstain Yes Yes
Passes B passes Dead Fails
A - Anyone with at least 1 game and 2\3 of an inning of eligibility left keeps their existing eligibility. Everyone else gets 1 game and 2\3 of an inning new eligibility.
B - In the event of a 1-game playoff, only relief pitchers with remaining games AND innings are available to pitch.