SL 2004 comes to Surprise Valley

Surprise Valley, OR (AP) - Surprise Valley, Oregon, welcomes the Summer League to the Northwest as Greg Nims relocates his SL 2004 team to this mountain town as the Surprise Valley Spirits.

"Kiss the mountain aire we breath. We thought the populations of Winston, Myrtle Creek, and Tri-City would help keep the stands filled," stated Nims. "Being along the interstate helps bring fans from Eugene, Corvallis, and towns to the South in NoCal."

The Surprise Valley Chamber of Commerce has completed the construction of an automatic roof, state of the art baseball stadium in time for the coming SL season. Asked why it was so easy to get done, while Portland has so many problems with their stadium funding issues, Nims recalled "Portland has to work with Bud. Enough said."

As for the relocation from their last home, Nims said, "Lets just say it was a long trip. Good bye, its time to fly."