SL 2004 Nostradamusing

by Steve Swinea

        Before the season started, I just wanted to try and make some
predictions and mention some thoughts.

        1. I went into this draft identifying Jason Varitek as my starting
catcher. I felt there was a shortage of good base stealers and that perhaps
there would only be 1 or 2 teams that had 3 or 4 guys in their everyday line
up that would be able to steal or H&R. I actually selected my backup catcher
(Schneider) before selecting my starter, Varitek.

        2. Because I felt base stealing was down this year, I went into the
draft trying to select ballplayers with a power number at 44. To me, I
thought of those extra base hits at 44 like 20 guaranteed steals (doubles)
for those ballplayers.

        3. No team will win over 95 games or lose more then 95 games.

        4. I think overall, Bob had the best draft and Matt and Graham had
the worst. Graham - Wood, Castillo and Kendall in the 10th, 11th and 12th.
Matt - Zambrano in the 5th, Molina in the 6th.

        5. Biggest draft sigh heard: Ken announcing Soriano in the 5th.

        6. Best individual GM draft values: Dave being able to select Berroa
in the 13th, Koskie in the 19th, Levine in the 21 and Anderson in the 24th.

        7. Bob will try to trade with Greg for either Winn or DaVanon, Ken
will try to trade with Matt for Quantrill or Keith for Smoltz, Chris will
try to trade with Graham for Sheffield.

        8. I think Bob will win the East, Greg will win the Central and Ken
will win the West.

        9. I do not know who will win the wildcard spot other then to say it
won't come from the West. I'll lean a little and select Dave's team to take
the spot.

        10. I think Bob will win the Spit Cup.