East Narrowly Defeats West In 2003 SL All Star Game

FT. COLLINS, COLORADO (UPI): This morning at 7:00 a.m. MST, the East of the Mississippi All Stars defeated the West of the Mississippi All Stars in a game highlighted by a pre-game performance by the North Mississippi All Stars.

Setlist for the Pre-Game was as follows:

ConAgra Kumer Feedlot Stadium, Ft. Collins, Colorado, July 15, 2003 O: Shake it on Down>That Smell>Freedom Highway>National Anthem

Starting lineup for Ken Klein's West Squad was:

Ichiro     RF
Alfonzo    3B
Edmonds    CF
Berkman    DH
Delgado    1B
Ordonez    LF
Soriano    2B
Hernandez  SS
Posada     C
Ohka       P

Position player reserves included: Bagwell, Durham, Renteria, Bellhorn, L. Walker, S. Green, and B. Williams.
Bullpen pitchers were: Johnson, Lowe, Halladay, Hudson, Wolf, Groom and Crudale

Starting lineup for Chris Klein's East Squad was:

Giles      CF
Ramirez    RF
Bonds      LF
Thome      1B
Sweeney    DH
A Rod      SS
Lowell     3B
Kent       2B
B. Molina  C
Pedro      P
Position player reserves included: B. Davis, Helton, Ja. Giambi, Spivey, Tejada, Chipper and Vlad
Bullpen pitchers were: Moyer, Pettitte, Wells, Buehrle, Padilla, Gagne, Percival and Ben Weber


After Joe Hauser and Cousin Chad threw out honorary first pitches, the game started about as would have been expected, with Giles, Ramirez, Bonds, Thome and Sweeney hitting back-to-back-to-back-to-back- to-back home runs off the overmatched starter, Tomo Ohka, who was reduced and removed from the game before retiring a batter. Derek Lowe then retired the side in order. 5-0 East.

In the bottom of the inning, Alfonzo singled off Pedro, setting up a two-run home run by Edmonds with one out. Berkman made the second out trying to stretch a double into a triple and then Delgado was hit by pitch and injured for 12 days. Bagwell pinch ran. Mags popped out to end the inning. 5-2 East.


Lowe retired Molina and Giles to start the second and was then replaced by Maddux, who gave up a hit and a walk before getting Thome standing like a house by the side of the road. 5-2 East

After back-to-back doubles by Soriano and Hernandez, Pedro retired the West in order. 5-3 East.


A Rod singled with one out but was out stealing on a botched hit and run, causing Chris to consider pulling Lowell from the game before realizing he only had one third baseman. "Who picked these teams?", asked Klein. Nobody seemed to know. Lowell then struck out to end the top half of the inning. 5-3 East.

Pedro was replaced by Moyer, who promptly struck out all three batters he faced, never throwing a pitch faster than 78 MPH. Someone was heard wondering whether Moyer was a HOF candidiate. 5-3 East.


Kent singled off of new pitcher Randy Wolf to start the inning. Spivey pinch-ran and stole 2nd and 3rd successfully, but only because he is one of Steve's players. Molina then struck out, as he should have, before Giles plated Spivey on a sac fly. Tim Hudson came in in relief of Wolf and got Ramirez. 6-3 East.

Next in the parade of left-handers came Andy Pettitte, who was rudely greeted by a home run- strikeout- home run - strikeout barrage caused by grouping too many of Greg Nims' players at the bottom of the lineup. Ichiro grounded out to end the inning. 6-5 East.


Bonds walked and Vlad pinch-ran. Randy Johnson came in to face Thome, who was promptly removed in favor of Giambi. Giambi ground into a double play, turned by defensive replacements Renteria and Durham. Hard to picture Durham as a defensive replacement, isn't it? Sweeney doubled, Chipper comes in to pinch-run at second. A Rod grounds out to end the inning, causing Bench Coach Bob Taterka to say something that I cannot print here. 6-5 East.

David Wells comes in to releave Pettitte. Wells is obviously hung over, as he strikes out pinch-hitters Bellhorn, Williams and Walker in order. 6-5 East.


With the bottom of the order coming up, Ken decides it is safe to bring in Halladay. who comes in to the game 6-9 with a 4.09 era. Lowell doubles, then Spivey triples. No further damage is done, however, as the hometown crowd urges Halladay on to three straight strikeouts. After the inning, Halladay leaves and takes 50 fans out to eat at the Wok-and-Roll in Arvada. 7-5 East.

Buehrle comes in and Bagwell homers. Shawn Green, batting for Ordonez, walks. Padilla comes in. Durham pops up and Renteria singles. First and third with one out. Ken suddenly realizes that Posada is his only catcher. Even though the watchdog office has been disbanded, Ken leaves Posada in. Double play. 7-6 East.


Halladay's decision to make a Chinese food run after the inning means that Groom has to come in to face Vlad, Giambi and Chipper. Result? Three quick outs. Groom rocks, but East still up 7-6.

Ben Weber comes in and pitches much better than his rating, for some strange reason. After Ichiro singles the rest of the batters go quietly. 7-6 East.


Groom, burning innings like a Durango burns gasoline, looses his magic touch. Tejada, Lowell and Spivey each walk to load the bases. David pinch hits and strikes out. Giles doubles deep in the gap. Spivey tries to score against Ichiro. Out on a close play. With two out and Giles on second, Ramirez must like base runners. He homers. Vlad grounds out to stop the bleeding. 11-6 East.

Bagwell walks off of Percival, then Shawn Green walks. First and second nobody out for Durham, who grounds into a fielder's choice. Runners at first and third, Renteria hits and runs. Perfectly executed. Posada is up again, no chance to pinch hit. This time he come through with a single to left. Ichiro then lines in to a double play as the hit-and-run was on again. 11-8 East.


Giambi, Chipper and Tejada go quietly against Crudale.

Percival gives up a home run to Bellhorn to start the inning. Gagne comes in and pitches much better than his rating, for some strange reason. He closes the door, East wins 11-9.

Winning pitcher: Martinez (1-0)
Losing Pitcher: Ohka (0-1)
Save: Gagne (1)

MVP: Bonds 1-1, HR, 2 BB